Gettin’ Real

Weight: 164.2 I just don’t know what to do with myself. I can’t seem to get my program together. And it’s not that I’m eating cheeseburgers or Twinkies. I’m eating my healthy low calorie meals. But it’s the little things, I just don’t think I’m being completely honest with myself. I’ve allowed myself 4 Hershey’s […]


Weight: 162.2 I got sick yesterday afternoon. I’m guessing it was something I ate. Spent most of the afternoon and evening in the bathroom. That line from The Devil Wears Prada “I’m just one stomach flu away from my goal weight” kept playing through my head… well, I’m a bit further to go than that. […]

Preparation is the key!

Weight: 164.2 I’m cooking today. I’ve got brown rice in the rice cooker, chicken breast out and ready to grill on the George Foreman. I bought Egg Beaters and reduced fat cheese. A cantaloupe to cut up. I’m going to make my own denver bowl and southwest chicken and rice bowl. I have fruit for […]

And the award goes to…

Weight: 164.6 Wanna feel like a fat slob? Watch the Golden Globe red carpet interviews!!! I may never eat again! I need a manicure! I’m rooting for Meryl. Harrison will be talking about Extraordinary Measures. The guys from The Hangover are presenting. Awesome night for television!! Breakfast was over at my parents to celebrate my […]

Problem of Junior proportions!

Weight: 165.2 Breakfast: jack in the box hearty breakfast bowl without the hashbrowns. I ORDERED the denver bowl (comes with ham instead of sausage) and they screwed up and of course, I don’t find this out til I’m at my desk at work. Too late. CRAP! But at least they left out the hashbrowns, which […]

Before I forget

Weight: 166.0 Excellent. I’m on my way down. Takin’ it down-town… eh, that’s all I got. Anyway, still moving in the right direction. Food today was of the Jack in the Box variety but I tried to keep it as healthy from there as I could. Breakfast: denver bowl (eggs, ham, cheese… unfortunately, there were […]

Getting a Leg Up

Weight: 167.0 I’ve made a mental note to self: I’m not going to obsess over how much I lose, I just want to see the scale either go done or stay the same (sometimes there are forces working against you… well, me anyway.) No gains. As long as that “needle” (I have a digital scale, […]

Fingers Crossed

Weight: 167.6 (I didn’t drink enough water yesterday and I’m retaining like the Pacific Ocean.) Woke up hung OVER – Vicodin kicks my ass. Hard. No worries about addiction here. I HATE it. However, I hate the pain a wee bit more. I spent the first half of today with a tension headache and the […]

A New Focus

Yesterday’s weight: 170.0 Today’s weight: 167.6 See what happens when I only eat half a box of Junior Mints! So the bad news is that the doctor confirmed what I had suspected: stress fractures in both legs. The marathon is over before it even began. I am totally bummed out. Ah understatement. It’s all I […]

The Hangover

Unfortunately, mine involves neither Vegas nor Bradley Cooper. Life just sucks more and more, doesn’t it?! No, this is a sugar binge hangover. And short of finding a tiger in the bathroom, it’s pretty much just as painful. And leaves me shaking my ringing head and asking… What the hell did I eat last night?! […]