Only Two More Days Left of 2009

Weight: postrun (since I forgot to weigh in prerun) 164.4

Apparently, I like popcorn more than I thought. At least it’s gluten-free, right???


I shared the Junior Mints with Skye. Sean shared a few of his Skittles with me. I ate most of a small nachos. And way too much of the popcorn.


Ah well. Tomorrow is anutha day, Miss Scarlett!

And that tomorrow, is now today!!

I have so far had one banana and 4 or 5 clementines (they are tiny and I lose count fast!) I have a bowl of brown rice and a bag of frozen veggies for my lunch. I’ll have roasted acorn squash for dinner tonite. Lots of water.

I ran 4 miles this morning. It was MUCH easier than yesterday’s run. You can read more about it HERE.

I’m not waiting til January 1st to “start the diet”. I’m eating healthier NOW, and sometimes life happens, like last night. And I move on.

Oh, for those wondering, last night’s Sneak Peek was for the new Jackie Chan movie “The Spy Next Door“. It’s a family movie, cute, funny. The kids loved it. I didn’t see any of the movie’s stars there, but some of the crew were. Up here, stars like to sneak into these things, so they can see the audiences reaction anonymously. They wait until the houselights are down and then quietly sneak in the back. There were several reserved seats that were filled AFTER the movie started. And they made a BIG deal about how no one was allowed in once the screening had begun. So, who knows!! Maybe Jackie and George were there INCOGNITO!

It could happen!

7 Responses to “Only Two More Days Left of 2009”

  1. you and your junior mints. LOL

  2. Seriously, you make me want to go and have some. I haven’t eaten them in like 15 years.

  3. The movies are EVIL with their yummy nachos. I used to eat a nachos EVERY TIME I went to the theater. I miss them lol.

    Have a good new year! Yup tomorrow is another day 🙂

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