Countdown – Day 32

(Guess which one I most closely resemble after my T-Day food love fest!) Weight: 165.2 (OUCH!) Sooooo – here’s the deal. I haven’t been exercising and eating has been in the crapper. Lovely, I know. Last Saturday I realized I’d hit DO OR DIE Day. I hadn’t run in over a month. I hadn’t been […]

Countdown – day 45

Weight: 158.6 Feeling: blech. I’m off work today. I’m now taking off Tuesdays. And so I have like a million things to do. And yet, I woke up with a raging headache (though it’s tapering off a bit now.) But as the headache has lessened, my stomach has started roiling. I can HEAR it, and […]

Countdown – day 46

Weight: 159.6 (ugh… 3 pounds in three days. Yesterday involved cake, frosting and ice cream… need I say more?) OK, weekend is gone. Over. Done. Past. So instead of stressing about it. Boom, just get back up on that horse, baby! Awesome…. also, the horse sucks. I did NOT want to get up and exercise […]

Countdown – day 48

Weight: 156.4 (apparently, I’ve already stalled. Or it could be the four mini snickers I had at the movies.) Yikey-crikey! WTH is UP with the site! After I posted yesterday, I couldn’t get back in at all. Or this morning until just now. And who knows how long THIS will last. I have a running […]

Countdown – day 49

Is anyone else having problems with 3FC the last two days? I couldn’t leave anyone comments yesterday, it wouldn’t let me. In fact, I had a hard time accessing the site at all. And today it won’t let it post a picture. Bummer! Weight: Today is my rest day. I’m tired and headachy and don’t […]

Countdown – day 50

Weight: 156.4 50 days left of 2009. Hard to believe it’s almost over. I feel like the year just started. 2010 – that just blows my mind! I told my mom the other day, we are living in THE FUTURE. It’s just crazy. That futuristic movie 2001 – that was almost nine years ago. And […]

Counting Down – day 51

Weight: 157.2 It’s amazing what eating right and a little regular exercise can do! It shouldn’t be, but it always is. I feel back to me again. Healthy, light, more alive. I’m refocused and back on track. Just in time. I’m so glad that I decided to do this now, as we enter holiday/food season. […]

Day 366

Weight: 158.6 Today is my one year anniversary at 3FC. I looked at my first post from a year ago. Weight: 157.4 — Awesome. Over the course of one year I’ve managed to gain 1.2 pounds. Maybe I should market this fabulous weight loss program! *snark snark* My lowest weight was 144.4 and my highest […]

Conspiracy Theory

Weight: 160.4 Monday and TOM have joined forces to add invisible pounds to the scale. I have nothing that could account for a two pound gain in two days. (They probably shot JFK too!) I was totally going to get up and do my 45 on the elliptical this morning. The alarm went off and […]

Only without the hump…

Weight: 158.6 So I finally got whatever it was out of my eye yesterday, but it continued to be irritated for the rest of the day. Would spontaneously tear up. And I woke up this morning with it all crusty (sorry for the TMI) but thankfully whatever it was, was finally completely gone. No pain, […]