Scare-off Challenge – day 26

Weight: 159.8 (I knew those chocolate chip cookies were going to do me in!!) I am BACK, baby!! Awake at 5:30 (my alarm was set for 6, I woke up early on my own! How’s that for mind over lazy ass!!) Dressed and ON the elliptical by 6, did 42 minutes (that’s how long an […]

Scare-off Challenge – day ???

Weight: 159.2 I think I should retitle this Pile-it-on Challenge!! Exercise – nile Food – ehhhhh… not great. Challenge – we don’t need no stinkin’ challenge! Ugh! I’d be frustrated with myself, if I had the time! Yikes!! At least I haven’t hit the 160s yet… of course, that could all change the minute I […]

Scare-off Challenge – day 13

Weight: too much pork and apple stew last night! Sorry, everyone. I’ve been a bit MIA around here. I have a lot going on at home and I’ve not been able to spend any time blog reading. As it is, I’m barely eeking out a few minutes to post here. I’m hoping after this week […]

Scare-off Challenge – day 11

Weight: 156.2 Tomorrow I’m tackling this hard again. Exercise, accountability, conscious effort. I’ve been crazy busy since last Friday. I’m just now trying to catch up with everything. So tomorrow morning I’m back to getting up at 5am, exercising and taking the day head-on!

Scare-off Challenge – day 6

Weight: yeah, uh, let’s not go there. K, thanks! Who suggested the low fat crackers and laughing cow cheese?!!! I’m guessing you didn’t mean for me to eat the whole box and entire wheel in one sitting, correct?! Next time, specify that please!! PMS – I blame it for all the worlds’ ills… and my […]

Scare-off Challenge – day 5

Weight: 158.2 What happened to day 4? Eh, we don’t need no stinkin’ day 4!!! Yesterday was good back on track, mostly. My mom brought one of those Costco size boxes of Wheat Thins into her office. That stuff is like crack! Everytime I walked into her office, I grabbed a handful without even realizing […]

Scare-off Challenge – day 3

Before everything else: If you have the chance to go see Toy Story 1 & 2 in 3D, GO!! It was so excellent. I forget how incredibly clever and funny those movies are!!! Over 3 hours (with a 10 minute intermission that’s almost too entertaining to miss!!) wasn’t too long at all. My two youngest […]

Scare-off Challenge – day 2

Weight:155.6 Yesterday I figure (through My Daily Plate) that I ate around 1500 calories. Which mentally has me in sort of a panic because that is a high calorie day for me, which makes two in a row. But I had all really healthy food (except for the two marshmellow ghosts made by the Peep […]

A Million and one THANKX!

Weight: 156.2 I want to thank everyone for their comments yesterday. It was directly because of all of you that I actually, consciously, ATE yesterday. I had a soy protein burger for breakfast and a taco salad with soy protein “ground beef” for lunch. I took my little man Sean out for an early dinner […]