Confessions of an Overachiever

Weight: 154.4
I’m not eating enough. There. I said it. I know my calories are way too low. Like probably below 800. Ok, definitely below 800. This is a problem I have. When I finally start losing weight, I get addicted to seeing that number go down everyday. And I gradually eat less and less and [...]

Why are there no Tuesday songs?

Weight: 154.6
Skye woke up every four hours last night, that’s when her pain meds would wear off. Being woken up by a sobbing 5 year old several times does not make for a restful night’s sleep. Difference is, she gets to stay home and nap all day. I have to go to work. UGH. At [...]

Magic Monday

Weight: 155.4
Monday, the day of new beginnings. The weekly “day 1 - I’m gonna start that diet today” day. A lot of people have Monday as their weekly weigh in day (I did at one point too, thought it would help me stay more on target during the weekend. It’s amazing how you can undo [...]

My Own Private Idaho

Yesterday’s weight: 154.6
Today’s weight: uhm… not going to weigh in since I ate my body weight in kettle corn yesterday!!
The B52s concert was AWESOME!!! I posted a bunch of pictures with captions on my Facebook account. Y’all are more than welcome to head on over there and check ‘em out. My account is open to [...]

I wasn’t gonna, but I am

Weight: 156.8
It’s seriously late, I’m actually in bed, and I wasn’t going to blog in today because I hadn’t had a chance and I am TIRED. But… here I am.
I guess I owe the report on the Challenge. It was a success!!
Hitting the gym Wednesday and today were tough, but I made it a priority [...]

Just a quick check-in

Weight: 156.8
I’m getting ready to take Skye to UCSF for her tonsil- and adenoidectomy this morning. But I wanted to quickly check in.
Yesterday’s challenge:
45 minutes on the elliptical (a.m. & p.m.) - check
workout at the gym - check
squats, etc… - check
100 oz water - check
breakfast: various citrus fruits and an apple - check
Today’s challenge (so [...]

Livin’ in The Zone

Weight: 156.4 (Niiiice!)
I picked up a case of Clementines this morning. I’ve had four already!! They are small and only like 28 calories each, so pretty awesome! I had a small granny smith apple too. Oh, and I picked up a few nectarines, cause I love ‘em.
I ended up having a Gorton’s grilled salmon filet [...]

Helloooooo Citrus!

Weight: 158.4
I LOVE CITRUS FRUIT! Those who know me, know what an amazing statement that is. I have been a life-long loather of most citrus fruits (lemon and lime are the exception.) Especially ORANGES! I don’t even like the smell. I won’t buy cleaning products if they’re orange scented. I don’t even like orange flavored [...]

I need a challenge

Weight: 158.8
Now that Boot Camp is over, I need something to keep me focused. A challenge is definitely in order!
Starting tomorrow (since today is nearly over!) thru Friday
1. Go to gym three times
2. Run or elliptical every day
3. Do squats, straight leg raises, and ab-work every day
4. Drink at least 100 oz of water every [...]

Birthday Bonanza

Today is Sean’s 8th birthday. So I planned a day chock full of 8 year old fun. Well, as much 8 year old fun as I could handle (and afford!) We started with a matinee showing of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (in 3D!!!) This was possibly the most fun movie I have ever [...]