Boot Camp – day 15

Yikes. Can I say YIKES? The last day of the month and I am FREAKING out. I have all this paperwork that I have to get turned in, just found out about it last week and I am SCRAMBLING!! If I don’t get it in, I lose a bunch of assistance including medical! Yep. FREAKING […]

Boot Camp – day 14

Details of today’s long run HERE. I promise my body that I WILL eat fruits, veggies and healthy food today. It’s not too happy about yesterday’s fare. But to be honest, sometimes that day off is exactly what our body needs. If nothing else, to confirm that what we’re doing the rest of the time […]

Boot Camp -day 13

Ok, so a day off was exactly what I needed. That pain in my calves is gone. Well, I haven’t gone on my run yet this morning, I’ll be heading out as soon as I finish this. But I’ve gotten up and walked around the house, turned my legs this way and that, even did […]

Boot Camp – day 12

I woke up this morning with major pain in my inner calves. I’ve been having this pain in mild form over the last couple of days, but didn’t think anything of it. It felt like a tightness, now it feels like more. So I did some googling and my lack of a true rest day […]

Boot Camp – day 11

Yesterday was my first really big challenge to my commitment. I could have very easily said “can’t do it. Life, the universe and everything is working against me and there is no way I’m going to make the gym and evening workout tonite. It’s ok cause I workout every other day…” and then the excuses […]

Boot Camp – day 10

The end of today will see the completion of my 10th day of boot camp (incase you couldn’t give that out from the post title!) I haven’t stuck with anything this long… uh… ever. I’m feeling pretty awesome right now despite a crappy day yesterday. I’m trying to get my blogging in first thing in […]

Boot Camp – day 9

Details of today’s run can be found HERE. Go read about my run – I did AWESOME! After my 5 miles on Sunday, today was a breeze!! That 30 minute DVD afterwards is TORTURE though (well, it IS Jillian Michaels, so that’s redundant, isn’t it!) I tell you, by the time I’m in the shower […]

Boot Camp – day 8

You know, I think this is the longest I have stuck with a specific program like this! Usually I spend a lot of time designing and organizing a program (cause I love that part!) and then IF I start it at all (so often I never do) I only follow it for a few days […]

Boot camp – day 7

The mis-adventures of today’s run can be found HERE. Today’s run was SUPPOSED to be 4 miles. I say supposed to because I got lost and ended up running 5! Am I upset about that? Hell no! I ran 5 freakin’ miles this morning and I feel GREAT!! I mean, REALLY GREAT!! I had begun […]

Boot Camp – day 6

I’m already back from my run this morning. Stats, etc… can be found HERE. Today is my “off” day. In other words, other than the run, I have no more exercise. It’s the closest thing I’ve got to a rest day in Boot Camp. My long run day is Sunday, and you’d think I’d make […]