Taking the next step

A.M. weigh-in: 148.4 Yesterday I signed up for a 12 month membership to the gym right next to work. Not even a block away. They’re open 7 days a week, have showers, spinning and kickboxing classes, and long hours. I get two free sessions with a personal trainer. I’m totally psyched. So, did I jump […]

Another goal accomplished!!! It’s skydiving pics!

I couldn’t get the video to embed, but here are some pictures from my very first skydiving jump! It was AWESOME. Seriously like the greatest, most thrilling thing I have ever done. I loved every second of it, wasn’t nervous or scared a bit, and can not WAIT to go again!! Me with my little […]

Less than 24 hours…

A.M. weigh in: 147.2 (yeah, yesterday wasn’t stellar) Tomorrow is IT! The big jump! I am SO excited I can hardly focus here at work!! I’m taking the kids to see Monsters vs. Aliens tonite, so that should help give me something else to think about. I just love digital 3D animation. It’s da bomb […]

Same old me but with better hair

AM weigh in: 145.4 My mini-makeover yesterday was AWESOME!! Total facial (though now I’m dealing with the residual acne, not my favorite part!) my skin is SO SOFT and hydrated!! I love it!! My eyebrows got debushified and now have a lovely shape and arch. And my hair – OMG 4 hours of work and […]

Water Water Everywhere

Thanks Katy for the water-intake check. I do drink tons… but it’s mostly Coke Zero. I do try to drink a few mugs of tea a day, but I miss some days. It’s probably caffeine overload. My neurologist would probably shoot me if he knew how much caffeine I consume – not good for someone […]

Ready to tackle life head-on!

A.M. Weigh-in: 149.2 (at least I’m back in the 140s) I am wondering if PMS is really kicking my ass more than usual lately. The week plus before my period I seem to get totally crazy, lose focus, can’t concentrate and eat beyond out of control because I just plain do not care at all. […]

Did you get the number of the truck?

AM Weigh in: 151.0 OMG – I woke up this morning and could hardly move. Oh how I would love to say its because I had a killer workout session yesterday. But alas, it’s because I’m coming down with a horrible head cold. I feel like crap with a capital S!! And here I sit […]

Hanging on or being dragged?

AM weigh-in: 151.6 Stayed on point yesterday… up until I discovered that the movie theater had FROZEN JUNIOR MINTS! Hell, that’s not even fair. I am powerless against those little chocolate covered mint pellets of goodness when they’re in their frozen state. POWERLESS. And they were awesome. So overall, I ate well yesterday (the frozen […]

Hit and run

I fell off the bandwagon and then it ran over me. I’m trying to recover but I see taillights and fear it’s backing up for another go at me. AM weigh in: 153.6 (OMG seriously?? SERIOUSLY???!!!) Here’s today’s attempt: Breakfast – WW strawberry oatmeal (2 pts) WW chocolate delight bar (2 pts) Lunch – Jack […]

Day 8 of my 6 Week Challenge

A.M. weigh in: 147.2 I’m TRYING to find my motivation… and I did!! Well, I will have, starting Monday morning: Tiny2B’s Slump Buster Challenge. I’m uber-competitive and this is right up my alley and TOTALLY what I need!! Thanks Shana! I’m hoping that next week I can break through my low weight wall of 144.4 […]