I did it!! 5K goal ACCOMPLISHED!!

Yesterday, I ran in my very first 5K – the San Francisco Mission Rock Run. Running a 5K has been a goal of mine for years. One of those things I was always going to do, but never got around to even training for. Well, this year I was going to do it. Period. Yes, […]

Wednesday’s FEW

FOOD Breakfast: Oatmeal muffin pancake thing (198) Lunch: Grilled Chicken Salad (220) Dinner: 2 Jenny-O lean turkey patties (320)             Green Giant Vision Health Veggies (90) Nighttime Snack: Fat-free hot cocoa (25) Total: 853 calories EXERCISE A.M. – 90 minutes elliptical P.M. – 60 minutes jogging treadmill (3.25 miles)           30 minutes elliptical WATER gallons […]

It’s all downhill from here! aka so this is what a size six feels like

Well, not really. In fact, I’ve probably hit the hardest part of my journey. But it feels like I’ve been climbing this mountain and 150 was the peak. I could NOT seem to get there. I got down to 150.8 back in April – and that was as close as I got. Then I slowly […]

The hungry caterpillar

That is exactly how I feel. Like I just want to eat and eat and eat. I’m not sure if I’m really hungry or not. I kinda feel hungry. Definitely not starving. And low energy. I feel like just curling up into a warm ball and sleeping. Right now. At my desk, well under it. […]

Just about back to zero

152.6 this morning. I was down to 151.8 last week, so I’m almost back there again. Yay! I got home from work last night and my daughter had made several big batches of cookies to give to friends for Christmas. And of course, there was a bowl of “leftover” out on the table for family. […]

Saturday FEW

FOOD Breakfast: Oatmeal muffin pancake thing (198) Snack: Yoplait light raspberry cheesecake (110) Lunch: Carl’s Jr. Low Carb Burger, no cheese or mayo (390) Snack: 10 almonds (90) Dinner: grilled chicken salad (220) Total: 1008 calories EXERCISE Elliptical: 60 min a.m. WATER Lots of tea, does that count???

How the time flies… and other cliches

December is literally racing by me. I can’t believe Christmas is less than two weeks away. And I still have most of my Christmas shopping left to do. Unfortunately, the water bill is past due and unless I pay it Monday, it’s going to be a dry Christmas. And not in deference to Prohibition or […]

Down and Dirty Stats – 1 month

Weight: 153.8 lbs (I was down to 151.8 about a week ago. Darn!) Bust: 39.5 inches  – 37.5 (-2) Waist: 35 – 33 (-2) Hips: 42 – 40.5 (-1.5) Thigh: 25.5 – 25 (-.5) Upper arm: 14 -13 (-1) Neck: 13 – 13 (0) Total loss: 7 inches – hey, not bad for a month! […]

Today I struggle

I want to snack. There, I said it. SNACK – like on crackers and chips and… crackers. I even let myself have a small handful earlier, hoping that would satisfy it. But it didn’t, because the urge, the NEED, to snack has nothing to do with hunger. Sick child=snack. Problems at work=snack. Sick child + […]