I came here to rant and started messing around with the look of my page(s). The anger that brought me here is gone now.

My mom called to tell me something she was going to call and find out. I have the information already, but she wanted to argue with me about it. Oh, crap, I’m over it for now and don’t feel like ranting. Point is, she called to tell me something that didn’t matter if I knew or not. It turned into an argument, as usual, and when we hung up on each other, as usual, I wanted to shove as much food down my throat as possible.

Is it because I want to hurt her, but can’t so I hurt who I can? Me. That’s idiotic. Common sense tells me this, yet common sense gets run over by the carb craving in my brain to chemically make me feel better-ND HFCS…it a poison in many foods. Try as I might to eliminate it, it’s still in my diet and it does weird things to your body’s cells…but that’s a whole other rant at another time.

Anyway, in trying to get to where I can vent and work through the food craving, I became distracted and forgot about the food. Yay! This time, disaster averted.