Begin again…

I am 100 lbs over a comfortable, healthy weight for me. I would really love to lose 50 of that chunk for starters! As millions of others, I have tried almost every diet, program, diet pill out there. I turn 50 this year-very soon! My regular GP advertised a new approach on traditional healthy living. As a concentrated area in her practice, she is doing a “non-surgical bariatric metabolic” program. Weight loss is not her focus but health. So far I have given tubes of blood for comprehensive testing. The next appt I will be measured and scanned for an accurate look at my body composition. For the next 2 weeks before my official start, I will try to lose what I can by using some Medifast I have on hand. Once I start with the doc, I’m not allowed on the scale for a month. That’s a habit in itself! 🙂

is anyone else out doing this?

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