Curves star

July 13th, 2009

I’ve got a new post on my website. Hope you’ll come and visit me (been running out of space for my photos on 3fc).

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  1. rubyjean Says:

    I went to read your posting and wanted to say Hi at your new site… Sorry, I got confused (or my browser did) and so I’m here.
    Thanks Feathers for coming to “visit” me while I was away.
    Congratulations, dear lady, on all your success – I would feel just as delighted.
    And, yes, I love my girls so much, I still want to inhale them, but have learned to back off (a little).
    Love the thought of a new kitten going to a loving home. Yay for Dior!
    xoxoxox RubyJean

  2. feathers Says:

    Hey RubyJean I hope I didn’t put in a dud link to my site (anything is possible 🙂

    I’ll have to get some pics of Dior to share on my blog.
    hugs to you

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