Have Dummy, Will Spit

July 22nd, 2008

I wanted to post Ellabella’s comment here for everyone to see. Hope you don’t mind me sharing it, sweetie, but it’s just so relevent:

Well, dear one, you read my post, so you know that my relationship with food is pretty much the same as yours. I try – oh, how I try – to like only what’s best for me, and 90% of the time I succeed. But that other 10%, if ignored, seems to gain strength in exile – just seems to keep growing until it busts out one day in the form of really awful cravings for things like hot fudge sundaes and the like. And if I give in to it – if I talk myself into going ahead and having one – I go through WEEKS of struggling again to get my appetite under control. Tiresome, really. Keep us updated on the lapband process. Sounds sensible, but that three-year-old in my head is still tantrumming over not being able to eat junk whenever she wants, you know? NEXT life, I intend to have a better relationship with food AND my body, and that’s the truth!

It was your whole approach and your comment about that three year old in your head. Oh yes. Oh, I have one too, and she can spit her dummy at a moment’s notice.


In fact, she was there on Saturday night, at dinner with the family, and she nearly screwed up the whole night for me.

Did I mention we’d gone to Taco Bill’s? Melbourne’s take on Mexican food. Nothing like real Mexican, I’m reliably informed, but tasty and I do have a weakness for frijoles. Even tried something different from my usual, but there were frijoles, of course.

Well, we had nachos to share and then a nice main course and then the girl came and asked if we wanted coffee and dessert and everyone round the table (except me) said “no”.

So she went away.

And I was sitting there with dreams of chocolate sludge fading and NOT HAPPY!


I mean, it WASN’T FAIR.

Beloved had had a margarita and chilli beer. That was his dessert.

Poss had had a margarita.

Radio Boy and GF had filled up on that giant Tequila Sunrise, and although BF hadn’t had alcohol, he’d had a major slab of cake at home before we left.

So they all got treat and I got NOTHING and I tell you, that dummy was just about to become a projectile.

Just glad I didn’t let food stuff up a lovely evening.

7 Responses to “Have Dummy, Will Spit”

  1. patty Says:

    Yeah, Feathers, I’ve often wondered about how some people get away with it and the rest of us can’t. Do they have a higher metabolism? Are their taste buds not as finely tuned so things don’t taste as good? Do they have special genetics from their skinny grandmas? Do they just have different tastes?

    Do they just not get hungry????

    What the Hell is it?

    If you find out, I want some of it!

  2. bigprof Says:

    Wow! So Ellabella’s comment pretty much nailed what happened to me last week. I let my stupid kid out to play & she ate cookies & chips & now I’m back on track, but everywhere I look I’m seeing chocolate malteds & chocolate bars & French fries where just two weeks ago, I saw none of these things! Didn’t care about them even! Seems impossible to me now!

    So now I seem to be wandering around in a permanent 3-year-old’s tantrum of “I want, I want, I want!”

    Hang in there & for heaven’s sake, shut that kid up!


  3. rubyjean Says:

    Geez, Feathers, just like bigprof said, Ella’s comment nailed what is happening to me last week, into the week-end and yesterday. Bloody 3 year old! Kids!
    Know that feeling, too, of being the only one who did not order a treat because if I did, the kid would take over my brain and I wouldn’t be able to stop myself the next time I’m hungry.
    To patty’s comment – my husband is one of those people – and NO, he does not get as hungry as I do, and YES, his metabolism is terrific.

  4. soclose Says:

    Getting caught up tonight. You have such a close lovely family, thanks for posting pics. Sorry about the poss. biting your hand—I chased A. out of the car the other day to rescue a huge turtle crossing the road; turned out it was a snapper which could have really done some damage had she not been wary.

    Yeah, my inner kid does all she can to convince me that I can have this, that, and the next thing. Right now there’s a homemade chocolate birthday cake in the kitchen that she’s trying to get me to eat more of.

  5. tylerdurden Says:

    I’ve been at war with food for my whole life — I remember sneak eating as early as elementary school. What is up with that? I have no idea. It makes me mad as hell. But then sometimes I think — well thank goodness it is FOOD I’m at war with, and NOT heroin or alcohol. Because I’d be in some serious trouble if it was. So sometimes it helps me to remember that someone, somewhere has it even WORSE than me.

    Keep fighting the good fight.

    Thank you for rescuing the ringtail, I love you for that!

  6. I guess I run now » Boxes! - a Free Diet Blog from 3FC Says:

    […] Feather’s latest post hit home for me too…my inner 3 year old has been making my life hell lately & it’s time to make her behave! Tiny2b’s 3 year old may have also escaped & helped herself to half a bag of chips…now how is it that this happens? & I ask cause this is me all over…one day you’re biking & picking berries & the next day…Doritos? […]

  7. anngirl Says:

    It’s a rough uphill battle – I imagine it ends once you lose your taste for food and we all know when that comes ’round…..

    till then – we fight on – win some/lose some and giggle at the rest. 😉

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