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Sometimes “Thank You” August 22, 2012

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would be nice to hear. Not that I deserve it for doing dishes, or laundry, or working 15 hour days for a week straight or made sure the bills got paid even though we are down one paycheck. Just because.

Little bit pissy tonight. Little bit pity party tonight. Apparently I am getting the silent treatment. Super. Not sure why but I’m pretty sure its big if it outweighs all the shit I have done for the last 5 years to keep this household running.

Maybe it just equates to early bed time. I think I’ll test the theory!

Weighed in at 203.6 today…. which is my goal for the upcoming Sunday. If I can hold, it will be a successful week!


4 Responses to “Sometimes “Thank You””

  1. patty Says:

    Hang in there, girlfriend. I’d rather have the silent treatment than the nit-picking any day. Hope the weigh in goes well!

  2. patty Says:

    Where are you, Kris? Everything Okay? Get back on here and keep me company!


  3. mothermavis Says:

    I agree with Patty…………come back!!!

  4. patty Says:

    Hey, Kris! It was good to see that you visited my blog. Although I haven’t been around a lot. I promise to do better. Joined Weight Watchers. Maybe that will give me some focus. Come visit…I miss you and I miss your great sense of humor in your writing. WE WANT YOU BACK!

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