Teach a girl to fish…

and she’ll eat ’em all fried… part duex.

Day 14 – coming to a close August 28, 2011

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Its official. I am completing 14 full days of no smoking. I have only had one melt down, have gained (yes – its true) about 7 lbs, am PMSing and still everyone is unharmed in my house. It’s time to graduate to incorporating exercise, backing away from the fridge, and sucking it up and doing what I know I need to.

So I signed up on sparkpeople to track my food. Not sure how its going to work, but thinking that I need to give it a fair 30 day shot of tracking. Used to use Fitday, forgot my password, and have no idea what email address its going to. So I figured I would branch out, and try SP. I have 3 small goals for the week. One of which I am doing write now. 🙂

Drink 8 8oz glasses of water a day. Thank God its 110 outside and I crave it. :]

Walk the dog everyday. Too bad its 110 outside because I hate it. :/

Track my food daily. I need to do this.

Finally, I need to journal 3 times a week.

So, off to pull laundry out of the washer. Mavie, Patty, sorry I haven’t been here. Had kids this weekend and its been a little rough during the week. But tomorrow is a new day, and a new attitude. Nite blog world. Wish me luck!


Blazing Sevens! August 14, 2011

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Home. From Laughlin. Survived 4 days of gambling. A 10 mile river float. Buffet food. Over intoxicated 20 somethings and far too much skin being shown. I am now smoking what will be my last cigarettes. Smoked way too many this weekend. WAY TOO MANY. Having a little anxiety about returning to work tomorrow. I shut my phone and computer off for 4 full days. Peeked at my emails and am going to pay for not responding sonner. But dammit, I should get a break too. So I did.

Its getting late, and I want to bid farewell to my last smokeys in peace. Kids outta my hair. Hubbues still inside. Gonna grab a soda, some quiet and enjoy the last round. Nite.


August 5, 2011

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Good morning all! Its Friday. Thank the Lord. I am torn about what to accomplish today. My options

1. Shopping for new suit/clothes for work

2. Going into work

3. Going into hubby’s work (self employed – needs my bookkeeping guidance)

4. Cleaning my house

5. Lazing around surfing internet and revamping my personal budgets

Pretty sure option 1 sounds the best, plus my pops is turning 60 tomorrow and I need to get him a gift. We have birthday party Saturday, and a birthday party Sunday. I’m pretty sure I need to bring something pot-lucky to both and I hate to cook. Will devise master plan to get food to each somehow.

Last night we jumped in the truck around 10:30 to go watch a MASSIVE piece of old nuclear plant equipment travel through our little city on its journey to Utah. It was amazing. The trailer was huge and a 3million dollar build with super gadgets to help get its 400ft length around corners, under traffic signals and moving down the road. I watched in awe and realized that I had experienced a once in a lifetime thing. Kinda cool.

In other news, my sons new dog (we think she’s a pit/mastiff mix) is doing her due diligence of spot peeing all over my house. She goes out side, but seems to always have just enough left to pee a quarter size spot the minute she’s back in the house. Getting better, but its got to stop. Maybe I need to add shampoo carpets to my list today.

Ok, rambling. Going to go have some more coffee and plan the day. Hope that Friday finds you happy and well!


Ahhhhgust August 4, 2011

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Sweet summer nights! How I miss this time of day when I was trying to finish my Masters. Long nights reading by porch light. Writing papers with friends slurpping margaritas… and that darn nicotine. The margaritas are few and far between. The papers are long since completed and I barely see my friends. But aaaaah those smokes. They just keep calling me. But their days are numbered.My son moved back home. He hates that I smoke. He pulls every trick in the book to guilt me into or forcably drive me to quit. He love me.Probably more than I love myself. He is giving me one last hoorah for my Laughlin trip, then he has promised to be in my face.

Anyone who smokes, or used to knows the “just let me have ten minutes of quiet pleasure” that is represented in a smkoe break. Nic will now sit on porch and stare at me. Mock me. Tslk like that lady on the commercial with the hole in her neck. Worst of all, he’s deaf in one ear, caused by endless ear infections from being around smoke. He pulls this reminder out as a last resort.

It is an addiction. Some say worse than herion. Others can just quit. I fall somewhere in between with my love for it. Hate the way it smells, makes me smell, the cost, and what it does to kill my energy. But 10 minutes to myself… that is the draw. If you’re out there and looking for a virtual support, lets do it together. August 15th is my day. You would think losing both grandmothers – one to a stroke and the effects of COPD and one to non-small lung cancer would keep me from firing up. I am finding that I struggle with the “thought” of dying occassionally, and the agonizing “missing out” of quitting daily. I have to marry the two, as death means missing out as well. I am gearing mentally for the change…. I think I shall mourn the loss… but celebrate the life I give back to myself when I do. 9 day count down. Who’s in?