Teach a girl to fish…

and she’ll eat ’em all fried… part duex.

testing July 31, 2011

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For some reason my last post was all wonky. I cut and pasted from another program and it must have picked up some crazy formatting. Figured I’d get back on and see if it was normal.

House is picked up and partially clean. I have no access to silence. Video games and hunting show in the back ground. Two of the kids asleep in my bed. So I blog from my cluttered desk with sweaty elbows that are getting progressively stickier as the thunder clouds clear and the 90 degree sun peaks out. My electric bill is going to reflect my unending attempts to cool off..

Hubby and I are heading to Laughlin to float the regatta on August 13th. There’s a ton of stuff to do both at home and work before I take the ONE day off I will take to leave early for that weekend. I am looking forward to some down time. a little gambling, a lot of buffet food and watered down drinks! Going to take the next couple of weeks here to get through and gear up so that Monday, August 15th can be a fresh start.

Off to clean this desk, sort my coupons, and get my bills scheduled. I’ll be back later blog land. Until then…..


This one’s for Sistah Pat July 30, 2011

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Ahhhh… the

notorious return to the “I should be thin and healthy by now” blog. I

peeked in last night, drawn to something old and familiar to get me tuned in

again. Found myself catching up on Pat’s blog and realized I needed to come

back home… for some virtual therapy. Patty – I’m here.

I weigh

203ish – still, some more, again. I just put a pair of gianormous underwear on.

They are black, and have glow in the dark letters across the tush that say

“I’m with the band”. Don’t ask. Anyway…. they used to be cute, and

my cheeks used to slighty peek from the bottom. Now… they are expanded. Glow

lettering tattered and cracked like a bad paint job and cute little message now

reads like a friggin graffitied bill board placed over the whaling operation

that is my ass. My 40 year old ass.

Still, there

is something about sitting here with a pinch of quiet and a head full of “I

think I can do this” that serves as a high

point in my day. 

I will begin – as I have so many times before – by rereading my

posts.  Try to hear myself, screaming to

commit to me rather than letting all other parts of life come first.  I am truly blessed in so many ways, but

ignoring my issues (smoking, no exercise, minimal sleep, poor diet) are not

helping me enjoy those blessings.  I’m

off to laugh and cry while reliving my past entries.  Hope tonight finds a little resolve and

foundation to leap from!  Nite world.