Teach a girl to fish…

and she’ll eat ’em all fried… part duex.

305 to 40 September 2, 2010

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Not quite sure where 362 thru 306 went. But I have 305 days until I’m forty.  So far in my year of a better me I have been to the gym a grand total of 6 times. I have been flipped off by hubbies ex for no reason (we haven’t ever exchanged words at all in the 3.5 years he and I have been together?) I have taken a 20+% cut at work.  And most recently have patched up for the last two days, each night to peel my nicotine fix off and light up. Must reassess path to health and keep my thoughts about the immaturity and pure evil of others to myself.  I could write a friggin book.

So, here I am DYING to unleash the hurricane of thoughts; things I’d say to employers and bird flipping babies, ideas about what I want to do on vacations, what I think should happen in kids lives, and style-size-color of boots I would like to firmly plant in the asses of people around me.  Instead, I will focus on the 3ft fire I should be lighting under my own arse… I digress….

Weighed in at 198.6 today. Actually did get back to the basics of my “bootcamp” diet, although not officially attending the class.  I am down 3.8lbs since Sunday.  Hit the gym Monday. Walked the dog Wednesday.  Been on the fence about rescuing a 2nd dog (he’s beautiful) but trying to be practical about costs, convenience and not signing up to be overwhelmed.  Still, I may see if he’s available tomorrow 😛

I have a 4 day weekend this weekend.  Wanting to paint my kitchen cabinets.  Scared to start the project and wear myself out and then not finish (does this theme ring constant or what?). Want to go walk through model homes to steal ideas. This sounds much more relaxing but may make me want to set my house a’flame when I realize what I have settled for.  Will walk the dog, at least 2 days and hit the gym again. Its a kids free weekend but will keep extra pair of boots incase any one deserving of kicking crosses my path.  Going to bed now. tomorrow is a new day. will try to sleep off the funk I’m in.   See you blog world on day 304.