Teach a girl to fish…

and she’ll eat ’em all fried… part duex.

Day 2/363 Left July 6, 2010

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I waited too long to blog tonight.  Short snippets to remind me to elaborate tomorrow.

8 smokes today/ hit the gym back & biceps and 40 tread / bomb scare at work / painted toes

night blog world. be backtomorrow


Life in the Fat Lane – Fat to 40 in no time July 5, 2010

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I want to signal and change lanes, moving stragtegically into the healthy lane… not the too thin lane (like that’ll ever happen) but moving with traffic in the healthy lane. 39 years, at least 12 of them over the legal tow limit.   Problem is I am typing this with a cigarette in one hand and an extra piece of birthday cake in my belly.  I reek of smoke, my lungs sputter (can you hear me wheezing?) and my energy level is like 2 flat tires.  But I am determined to trade in this old ride for a new, more aerodynamic version of myself by the time I am 40.  That means, including today, I have 364 days to do it.  Yesterday was my 39th birthday. I epitomized the American dream yesterday. Over weight, overendulging, in debt up to my eyeballs with a new salary cut to reflect the current economy.  I am a mess.

DAY 1/364  At least I made it here.  I plan to count down, and reflect daily on my journey to what will be a Fit at 40 life.  I have four kids, a hubby, a dog and a slew of family counting on me to be around to share their successes and mock the wacky moments in our lives.  I will be pretty busy!

I am coming to terms with my spreadsheeting obsession and am going to try hard to not use it as my crutch to feel like I have accomplished things that are really only occuring on paper.  If I ACT on my plans, hell if I HAD ACTED on  my plans the last 3 years, I would be running marathons, growing a community garden, built the house of my dreams, and be debt free. Trust me, it all works on my spreadsheets. But the rubber meets the road by strapping my tennies on, not by determining how my mass decreases by loosing 2lbs a week for the next 8 years.  I have to act.

Instead what I have is true wealth in my life.  An adoring hubby who gives me his best even when he has had just as long a day as I have.  4 kids who all love and test me in different ways.  I have a wacky family and extended family that is happy to over fill my time with bbqs, roadtrips, vacations, swim sessions, birthdays, and mostly love.  And I am employed, a bit of a luxury round these parts since the housing market collapsed. Never realized what a butterfly effect that would have on hubbys work, my work, prospects for moving, and credit ratings.  No wonder I am eating myself silly.

So here’s my plan: KISS (Kris Isn’t Starving Stupid)

  • Stick with 5 meals a day, smaller, protien at each, no complex carbs after lunch, whey shake after work outs
  • Water – 64 or more.  No excuses, coffee does not count, get it done!
  • Daily Vitamin
  • Exercise: 3xWK Cardio for 30 minutes, 3xWK Strength – one challenge to completion (more on this later)
  • Daily Blog check in.  Set aside 15 minutes and DO IT. GEEZ.

Thats it. The goal is a 1) Smoke-free, 2) 145lb, 3) toned and energetic woman turning 40 on July 4th 2011.  The date is gonna come.  The time is gonna pass whether I do anything or not…  so I’m signaling… and get ready ’cause I’m coming over into that lane.