Teach a girl to fish…

and she’ll eat ’em all fried… part duex.

Not Smoking Hot June 13, 2010

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Where to start.  Son turned 21 today.  He and hubby spent the day recouperating from the early celebration of it Saturday.  House still needs some clean up, but nothing major. And I should be packing my healthy food right now, but I am drained… and smoking.  So

Tomorrow I quit.  For good. Thats it. Buck up. Own it. Stop it. Save the cash. Save my lungs. Regain my energy. Find HEALTHY outside of food and exercise as a bonus.  Fight through the withdrawl. Try not to take it out on anyone. Start taking it one day at a time to be NOT-Smoking but hot.  39 is 20 days away.  23+ years of smoking is more than enough.   Ready to not smell. Ready to commit to something bigger then the rush right now.  No procrastinating because there will always be one more event to get through and I will never quit.  I have the power.  I have the reasons to stop.  Today, I am willing the motivation to change.

After this last one…. :0)      June 14th IS my quit day. Regardless of hubby’s choice to continue, or the “just oners” that offer them up out of courtesy.  Ugh…. I cant wait to be done with this. 


Knickers in a twist June 7, 2010

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Today I discovered that I wore my underwear backwards… ALL DAY.   Couldn’t figure out what felt so funny,  went to change for the gym and AHA… that was the problem.   

I did 45 minutes on the tread mill, took a body sculpting class, and may not be able to dress myself in the morning.  Looking forward to seeing change… whateve it takes…  keep on trucking.


Back in the saddle (bags) again June 4, 2010

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Survived my trip to Oregon. Even better, enjoyed it.  My niece is gorgeous and innocent and perfect.  My sis and BIL are picture of a parenting team which is such a joy to watch.  My dad is quirky, and driven and happy with his world.  Long hours in the car did result in my observation that my father cannot to be driver OR sightseer seperately.  He wants to do both… and in doing so has given me a world of material to fun about for years to come.  We were the only vehicle in the 3 mile traffic jam with a driver who whipped out a pair of binoculars to “see what was goin on”.  Check the outside temperature, check the map, check our mpg, check the outside temp, check the phone, take a picture, change the CD to listen to only one song multiple times, turn on talk radio, turn off radio, turn on radio, check the outside temp.  For 14hours up  and again 14 hours back.  Lots of talking, lots of laughing, lots of unspoken “what the hell is he doing?” going through my head.  He doesnt hold still well, and cant do one thing for a long period of time before he needs to distract himself with something else.  I love that about him, because it is him… but it drove me to smoke the instant I got home even though I had been smoke free for the 4 days of the trip.  Love my dad.

Got home about 10pm last night, got up about 7am this morning. Boblian made breakfast, we went to DSS kindergarten graduation (hole nuther story) and then got dragged to the gym to sign up.  Looks like Boblian is in full swing to get healthy.  I hope we both pull through.  Usually we find we get motivated together then get on each others ass until one of us caves and we are back to our old ways.  The old you’re doing it so why cant I routine.  Wanna get to the you did it but lets both not do it again routine.   I look forward to shrinking into a healthy sexy wife and mom by my 40th birthday in 2011.  Turning 39 in one month (yes 4th of July baby here) and I am not going to wait until the 11th hour this time.  If I could and it woulda worked, I’d weigh 145 now instead of 205.

Kid weekend this weekend.  DS’s 21st bday next weekend. Lots of little stuff to do and trips packed in for the next few weekends.  Cant wait for a break in the action to take charge of my health. Instead, gonna break up the action taking charge. I am gonna go set up one new habit a week for the month of June (starting late but who cares).

Also, today is my grandma Cobby’s 80th birthday, or would have been.  We miss her dearly but smile none the less as phrases, looks and songs remind us of her.  Especially the ones we sing to my niece.  We will work hard make sure she know you, even if she didnt get the chance to meet you grandma.  Celebrating the rest of the day, reflecting, restoring my soul, and resisting the temptation of strawberry shortcake….

Night world.