Teach a girl to fish…

and she’ll eat ’em all fried… part duex.

My fingers are on fire! November 29, 2009

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I am back for the eleventy billionth time.  Don’t think the days are gonna slow down so some how I gotta catch up. My fingers feel as if they are going to bursst into flame from the acetone at the nail salon today.  But my nails now shine and dance on the key board and my new wedding band is doing the bling boogie as I type.  The only problem from this view are the white sausage like appendages that my shiny nails and dancing ring are attached to.  Just got some pictures from my dad from our wedding ceremony (2 weeks ago).  I look like I weigh a ton.  Could I have at least held in my stomach?  just for one picture.  I felt so good leaving that morning… not sure what happened to my body between leaving the house and arriving a the ceremony.  I had lost 13 lbsin 6 weeks (thanks Kellie and bootcamp) and I am proud of that. But it is grossly obvious that I need to stay focused.  I am fighting the disgust, trying to pump up my success so far, and just realistic that it takes time to look like a thin healthy woman.  I will get there.

And dangit, I am going to get here.  To post my “credits” and keep my mind’s eye on the prize.   I have an amazing hubby, great kids, and can pay my bills.  One day at a time with the weight change.  Maybe go borrow some acetone from Tam and sit on it a while.  Must light a fire under me somehow…..

Back to bootcamp tomorrow.  Weight this morning (unofficial) was 198 – up 5 from 1.5 weeks ago.  Back on track with food and fitness tomorrow.  Off to an impromptu dinner at mexican place tonigt.  Will try to make good choices.

One thing to get done tomorrow:  TURN IN INSURANCE PAPERWORK TO ADD DEPENDENTS!!!! 


Time aint the only thing that fell back November 1, 2009

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Ugh…  I ate stellar…. 10 of 14 days.  Last night got a little CRAZY with my “celebration” food.  It all started with Friday’s need to go find a dress for my pending courthouse wedding (Hey Kris, you’re getting married in 11 days).  I went to the mall that has existed for 20 years but I have only ever visited 2x previously. Why, because I never find crap there.  Cater to a whole other crowd and what to my wandering wallet should appear? Nothing. Crap. Zilch. NADA.  So a quick stop by McDonalds for a grilled chicken sandwich resulted in the consumption of mayo on my sammy and 15 french fries as a chaser….. Bad joojoo.

Saturday I knew we were 1) watching the world series, 2) celebrating a decision to wed, 3) celebrating Boblains birthday early.  5 pieces of pizza, one bread stick. 1/2 a beer and 1 LG bowl of antipasto salad later, I had broken every rule I had followed the previous 2 weeks.  A cheater weigh in resulted in 197lb and some change.  This morning, 198.8.   So I lost 10lbs in October (Go me!) but only .6 or so the last week.  Rocket science… I dont think so Tim.

Today, I have a dress, a ring for my man, an unending desire to snooze and my dread for going back to work tomorrow is creating a psychosymatic illness that has me trying to recall the sick line number and tomorrow is not even here yet.  Our business (my other job) needs paperwork attention and I am desperate to have it be done with little or no effort.  Where did I put that 3 wish genie????  Where…. oh where….

So I should be walking the dog, or reconciling bank statements.  Instead I dream of one more day off and that last piece of pizza I have to keep pushing out of my way in the fridge to get to my salad.  Boo hiss!  Gonna see if my “fall back” attitude can be shaken, but I am not even at wiggle it off status.  Maybe time to lay in bed…. and think about it.  After all its only 440pm but I can already see the moon!