Teach a girl to fish…

and she’ll eat ’em all fried… part duex.

Back in the game. September 7, 2009

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Today’s stuff:

1. Clean house and laundry 8:30 to 10:30

2. Shower and off to mall for tennis shoes and maybe a sundress

3. Back by 1 pm for paperwork/file clean out

4. Get in walk with dog and exercise ball workout from Fitness mag

I have been smoking all weekend ~ no mass today!  I am feeling like crap and I could fall back into it in a hurry.  I ate 1egg & 2whites, and 2 pieces of toast for breakfast.  Need to grocery shop.  Gotta stay focused.  Off to start my list.  Committed to daily blogging simply to keep my brain from wadding up.  Summer 2010 here I come!


I think I ate a dirt flavored Cup-o-noodle… September 1, 2009

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But that was yesterday. So I guess I should get over it. Why did I even post that. No clue… my brain is fried today.

Its my gramps birthday today. 1st one without Grandma.  I had planned on asking if I could plan my wedding (if I’m ever proposed to JEFF!) to be held on her birthday next year.  May try to talk about it at dinner. We will see.

I ate well today. I mean, Well, I ate today.  Lunch was doritos and quacamole with applepie and icecream as the chaser. Dang this heart burn. I dont get it. 🙂

Gonna have to delay workout to tomorrow.  DSS has to have surgery on arm tomorrow.  Stress is readily available for the taking, but I’m not buying. Gonna keep my cool and leave the drama for another day. Stuff happens and this is a life thing that too shall pass. I am glad Boblain is of that thought too.  Okay blog world, I’m out. See ya next round (tomorrow?)