Getting Started

Here is where I need to start.

At the beginning of May 2013 I was invited to an 8 Weeks to Wellness seminar on May 31st.  I had been seeing my chiropractor Dr. Justin Nye for about 8 months for a car accident.  He decided to start offering the 8 Weeks to Wellness program at his office.  At his encouragement and the encouragement of the rest of the office-Dr. Ross, Marcia (my massage therapist), Christine, and Amanda- I committed to at least hear the presentation.  I mean, what did I have to lose, I didn’t have my girls that night and my husband worked until 10pm.  Over the next few weeks I saw how they were redesigning their office to accommodate the 8 Weeks to Wellness, and knew that they were committed to this program.  Also Marcia would talk about it at every one of my massages.  It started a serious bug in my ear.

On May 31st I made my way to the presentation at a country club in Woodbury.  I was skeptical.  What would it cost?  Was it just another weight loss program?  I have tried many, will this one work?  How committed am I going to let myself be?  We shall see…..

As I listened to the presentation by the founder of the program, Dr. Dane Donohue, I was a ball of emotions.  I couldn’t pinpoint just one-Intrigued, nervous, upset, fearful, excited, and I could go on.  This program looked like it was what I needed.  I needed someone to walk me through becoming healthy, not just losing weight.  I needed a guide!  And this is what this program had.  I also knew that this would come at a price.  It incorporated chiropractic care, massage therapy, personal training, and a nutritionist/dietician, and meditation; and for that I was excited.  To see the results people had was amazing that it could happen in just 8 weeks.  It also incorporated a wellness score that looked at pretty much everything-glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, flexibility, connectivity, x-rays, etc.  I thought to myself, this could really be the program that works for me.  We were told that Dr. Justin had already figured out what our insurance would cover and that we had packets at the back of the room at the end of the presentation.

I got my packet of information and looked through it.  I knew this is what I needed to do.  I knew that I was killing myself every day and that if I didn’t do anything about it I wouldn’t live to see my retirement.  I was afraid that I would die.  Then I saw the price.  Needless to say it was not inexpensive.  My husband and I had just learned that it would cost $8,000 to fix the addition on our house that was sinking and pulling away from the house.  We would already have to make some choices to be able to afford to fix it.  We had decided to do this the following summer.  The cost for the 8 weeks would definitely be a sacrifice.  Then I thought; how can we afford this?  Will Nate agree that this is the right program?  He has seen me try so many things.  I won’t lie; I broke down and started sobbing.  Here I was killing myself, and the cure was in front of me with a $ attached to it.  I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to afford it, and that I would have to continue trying on my own.  Then Angela came over (One of the massage therapists in Dr. Justin’s office).  She wrapped her arms around me, gave me a napkin and told me it would be alright.  I sobbed and told her about the house, and my husband, and what was I going to do.  She said “Talk to Justin, he is almost finished with someone else.  This is something that you need to do and Justin will be able to help”.  So she comforted me until Dr. Justin was free.

When I was able to start talking to Dr. Justin, I did my best not to cry.  I told him “I know that this is something that I need to do, but ….” And I told him about the house, about the struggle that it would be to afford to do this, how I knew that I was killing myself, sobbing and nervous, he listened, patiently.  Then he said in the most reassuring way “This is something that you need to do.  I believe in this program and I believe that it is what you need.  What I want you to do is go home, talk to your husband, and then come see me, and we will work with you.”  I gave him a hug and signed up for my initial consultation.

On my way home, the whole time I thought about how I was going to talk to my husband about this.  I was so nervous.  When he called me when he got off work, I told him about the whole program.  I told him that I felt that this one could work.  Then I told him the cost.  This would be a sacrifice.  He told me that if I felt that this was something that I wanted to do, and I felt that it would work, then I needed to own it.  He would support me, but I needed to do the cooking, follow the program, be committed, because it isn’t something I can just be excited about now, and then by the time it starts be over the initial excitement.  He told me that his support meant that he would be happy for my successes and work with me when I was down, but that I needed to do it.  He couldn’t do the exercises for me.  He couldn’t make me do them.  He couldn’t follow me all day to make sure I was eating right, etc.  I told him that I understood and that I was willing to take it on, because this is what I needed.   We decided that we would make it work.  That we could afford this, more than medical bills, and everything else we would be subject to if I didn’t get my health in order.  Now when I think about it the cost of having diabetes or a heart attack was so much more than what this program costs.  I couldn’t afford not to start.

2 days later when I went in for my adjustment I let Dr. Justin know that we had decided to do the program and that I was ready to start.  Also everyone in his office had gone through the 8 Weeks to Wellness program, so they are wonderful, and able to answer any question you have-from their own personal experience!  I truly believe that his whole office is centered on what God has planned for them, which is to reach the community and work to make them healthier.  There is one thing saying that you are, but it is an entirely different thing to show it.  Everyone in his office is concerned, encouraging, and loving.  They each care for you and your well being.  They love on you and champion your successes, and comfort you during the rough times.  They are also willing to give you a kick in the pants if you need it. To have so many people that are working on caring for each and every person that walks through their door is amazing!

I went in for my blood work and waited for my results appointment a week later.  I was thinking to myself, that it wasn’t going to be bad.  That I felt fine and my numbers will show that I really am not that bad off.  I probably am perfectly healthy and it’s just that I have a hard time getting rid of the extra fat.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  I received the first F I have ever gotten in my life.  Here is where I was at!

Initial Ratings

My Numbers

Target Range

My Rating


298.4 lbs

Diastolic BP

90 mmHg

60 to <81 mmHg




18 to <27


Waist to Hip Ratio

1.04 Waist/hip

0.75 to <0.81 waist/hip


Fat Mass


22.5 to <25.5




120 to <150




0 to <20


Core Strength

0 # of Passes

Pass all 4 tests


Core Flexibility

3# of Passes

Pass all 4 tests


Intracellular Water


54.5 to ,60%


Phase Angle


6.6 to <11


C Reactive Protein

11.4 mg/L

0 to <2.2 mg/L



4 umol/L

1 to <9 umol/l


Fasting Glucose

97 mg/dl

60 to <105 mg/dl




5.4 to <5.81%



16.4 mU/ml

0 to <7 mU/mL


Total Cholesterol


0 to <200 mg/dl




0 to <130 mg/dl



26 mmol/L

1.4 to >3.4 mmol/L


Cholesterol/HDL Ratio

6.8 : 1

1 to <3.71 : 1


Triglyceride/HDL Ratio

.15 : 1

1.99 to <2.41 : 1



172 mg/dl

0 to <150 mg/dl


Vitamin D

25.3 ng/ml

51-80 is best




Higher is better


Heart Rate Variablity


Higher is better


Palpatory SR


0 to <3


X-Ray Analysis

4 Phase of Decay

0 to <3 Phase of Decay



38 = F

Just in case you were wondering-Red is BAD!  If you are reading this in black and white-there is a lot of red.  I was shaken up, that I could be this off and not realize it.  But that is why this is the right program.  They look at everything, not just what I look like.

I chose the day that I would start. June 17th 2013.  I picked up my supplies (Shake mix, vitamins, tracking book, shaker bottle, and nifty bag) and headed home.  I was more determined now to make this work.  I brought my numbers home to show Nate and we talked about the program again.  I read the book and we talked some more.  I went into the office and had some questions, and they answered them, and then talked to Nate some more.  It was exciting but also a lot of planning went into how I was going to do this.  What were my responsibilities, what can I expect, etc.  It was an interesting week and a half.

The weekend before I was going to start I sat down and planned out what I was going to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next week.  It was important for me because otherwise I would do what was the easiest (fast food).  I also kept in mind that I needed things I could make on the weekend and just heat up during the week as I don’t have much time during the week, and the faster the better.  I chose a great egg bake recipe that took 20 minutes to cook on Sunday and the rest of the week I just needed to microwave my breakfast for 30 seconds.  I also found a quick stuffed pepper recipe, quick lunches of veggies and cottage cheese, and easy tacos with romaine lettuce.  I was excited.  And as the geek that I am I put this all into an excel spreadsheet and I was golden.  Now to go to the grocery store.  Now mind you, I have not been there in 4 years (except of course for a quick ice cream or frozen dinner, or when my husband took me along.  I would seriously slow him down).  My husband told me what we had on hand, and what I would need to pick up to make what was on my list.  He even put it in the order that I can find it in the store.  It took me 3 HOURS!!!  My list was not that long—Here is my list

Meat Department





4 oz Turkey Sausage

Frozen Cauliflower/
Broccoli mix


Small Plain Yogurt

2 Cans Tuna

Ground Beef

Frozen Broccoli

Romaine Lettuce

1 Bag shredded Cheese

Flax Seed

3 lb Ground Turkey


2 Cottage Cheese 2%

Pickle Juice

Chicken Sausage Links

6 Red Bell Peppers

Small Ricotta

Taco Seasoning

1 Bag Chicken Tenderloin


Garlic Powder

Yes 3 Hours!!  I had to read the labels and everything…but I was committed.  Sunday night rolled around and I had to get ready for my first official day.  I made my egg bakes (since there are no carbohydrates the first week), and my husband loved them.  I made enough to last the whole work week.  I also made a simple lunch of veggies and cottage cheese.  I made sure that I had my book, and my breakfast, lunch, and shakes.  I was ready to start.

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