The Journey Continues

February 18th, 2012

It’s kind of strange because as much as I like writing, I’m not entirely sure what to write here. It’s been over a week since I blogged and it’s obviously high time to do so.

I went on my “mini vacation” from 2/8-2/12 though I didn’t start back on watching what I ate until 2/13. Actually, on 2/8 I did OK watching what I ate and I walked on the treadmill for 40 minutes before heading out of town. Then the weekend was shot to hell because I got emotional and depressed, but you know… I think watching my calories the two weeks before shrunk my stomach and helped me not to go hog wild. I did one night, but that was it really. The others I ate pretty sensibly…just the wrong things! Oh, well! I started fresh on 2/13 and got on the scale and it said I was EXACTLY the same as I was before heading out of town: 230.4 pounds. Crazy, right?

Anyway, back to Monday 2/12. I had an appointment with a weight loss doctor. Suspecting he would prescribe Phentermine, I researched reviews online the week before like a maniac and was absolutely terrified of taking it. Oh, I wasn’t worried about the side effects – who cares about a little heart palpitations and insomnia when you’re losing a ton of weight? – no, I was afraid of gaining the weight back PLUS after going off it. When I expressed my concerns to the doctor, he shrugged and said that yes I would gain it back unless I ran a marathon daily. Yeah. Way to encourage me, doc. Then I asked about the sleeplessness and he said after a few days I shouldn’t have any problem, but if I did he could give me a sleeping pill or something. Ok…let’s just take as many drugs as possible! Then (here’s the clincher) I asked why he doesn’t just advise to eat healthy and exercise. His response? Because of the results are faster. Um, yeah… NO THANKS! Also, he automatically starts you on the highest dose. That was another thing I questioned and he said basically, why not? Total pill pusher obviously. I left with 30 day supply of the 38.75mg Phentermine, but it’s been five days and I haven’t touched it. Instead, I discovered “The Simple Diet,” by James W. Anderson and have lost 4.8 pounds since Tuesday 2/13. I know a lot is water weight, but I don’t care! I’m ecstatic and hoping and praying I continue to lose at least 3 pounds a week.

In addition to “The Simple Diet,” I joined a gym Tuesday night and started going Wednesday. I’ve gone three days now (Wednesday-Friday) and though I’m a little sore, I feel fantastic because of it. I do about an hour of water aerobics and then 30 minutes or so of weights. My goal is to do five days a week (Monday-Friday after work), but I think I’ll probably get bored on the weekends and go too. The only thing is, I’m afraid of burning myself out, so I’m going to try to stay away during the weekend. I was however thinking about going to tan this morning… That actually sounds like a good idea, so I might just do that!

Anywho! Here’s to hoping things continue on this uphill slope. Or should I say downhill slope in regards to my weight? 🙂

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