OMG, it is cold out. I don’t think it would feel so cold if it hadn’t rained last night, but now it’s cold and wet so it makes it worse. It was actually colder when I came out of the gym this morning than when I went in. I’m thankful that I have a gym membership because if I had to rely on going outside to get my exercise, it wouldn’t happen. Yes, yes, I’m sort of a wimp when it comes to weather. There is a very small window that I will tolerate. It can’t be too cold (I’m like a reptile, remember… FL native) nor can it be too hot.

Anyway, I made it to the gym again today (yay!) although I never heard my alarm go off. I discovered a few new things about my HR monitor. Number one, if the watch is too far away from the monitor (like when you have long Lurch arms like myself) it won’t read your HR. I thought it was the chest strap at first b/c it had some, er… movement, when I started running and my boobs started flailing around, but then I realized the reason. The machines were still picking up my heart rate so I knew it wasn’t the chest strap. Today, the calories my monitor picked up were greater than the machine ones… by FAR. Yesterday the machines showed more, but not by much. Today my HR monitor showed I had burned about 450k or so after I was through running. The treadmill showed 300k. I think I’ll go with the HR monitor. I think it is because you program your weight, age and gender into the HR monitor and it figures all that out. The treadmill just knows your weight. I’m still trying to figure out all the different ways to use it. As to which one I have, it is the Reebok Personal Trainer XT.

To answer kt’s question “How do you adjust the watch so it works?” My scientific answer is to raise your arm closer to your heart. I noticed it today when I was on the bike and my arms were just down by my side and also while I was walking on the treadmill. While I was running and my arms were raised to normal running level, it worked fine. I’ll have to actually read the instructions for a better answer. I’m not one to do that… I’m more of a do-er.

Calories burned at gym (according to my new toy): 598

Food for today:

breakfast - oatbran and blueberries - 160k

lunch - turkey shepherd’s pie - 300, yogurt - 120

snack - freezer burned lean pocket - 280

dinner UPDATE- chickpea and spinach curry -247 , pita bread - 150, 3 carrots, small 1/2 piece of chocolate cake (it’s hubby’s bday so I split small square with the baby)
Calorie total without the carrots and the chocolate cake is 1257. I’m sure the 3 carrots and the chocolate cake did not put me over 1550, which is my limit. I’m hungry now. Not really hungry, but I want something to eat. That means it’s time to go to bed!