So these last 2 weeks I’ve been chugging along.. eating fairly well.. maybe 1 or 2 days I went over calories but that’s about it. I’ve been exercising and drinking the right amount of water.. then.. BAM

TIME OF THE MONTH. OMG. WHY WHY WHY?!?! I Hate getting my periods, I don’t even want to have children anyway! Not only that but I went from 114.2 to 114.3 to 114.4 to 114.8 Over like 3 days! THREEE!!!!! Not only that but I am craving chocolate and bad things more than ever!! Like is it not enough that I bloat and put on weight? But I’m also fighting terrible cravings!? and yes, I gave in. I ate bad and I will again tonight. I wish I wouldn’t but to be honest I feel like I don’t have the control right now.. god I feel so depressed just saying that.

My friend is coming over tomorrow morning to exercise with me so hopefully that will be good. I need a way to like combat these cravings..I need to just get over them. I was doing so well for 2 weeks! 2 weeks and basically no bad food. no binging.

Has anyone else been in this situation where they feel they just can’t control themselves? How did you stop? How did you get help?

I have a Personal Trainer that I haven’t been to in a while ($$$) and she always kept an eye on me, I know it’s no way to live forever but I don’t feel like I’ve lost any weight and I can’t see it yet either.. and I’ve lost about 10 kg. 20 pounds.

When am I going to drop a size?

I wish this was all over. I wish I could tell my 16 year old self to do this before the binging began all I had to loose then was 20kg.. now I need to lose 3x that.

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