well i’ve been sticking to it! It’s been a looonnggg weekend and I did eat over my recommended calories twice but i didn’t binge on chocolate.

Today I’ve eaten well again and plan to go to bed early.. this actually helps me avoid eating late night snakes and poking around the kitcehn.

I do have a problem though… After I eat lunch at about 12 or 1pm I am still hungry but know I can’t eat if I want to stay on plan so I end up taking a nap. It’s a really good way to avoid eating lol.. but I really want to find a good hobby to fill my time with.. I am on uni break right now, and won’t be back for another 3 weeks.

Also when I work, what kinds of lunches should I bring? I want something that isn’t only healthy but is easy to eat and not messy (I hate eating in front of other people, not because I’m a messy eater but because I think they are judging me no matter what I eat! e.g. If i eat a salad, I think that they think ‘why does she bother’ and If i eat something bad.. well that one’s obvious)

I’m looking forward to Christmas as well and cleaning out my closet.. I’ve actually already started cleaning out my closet. I put all the clothes that are a bit too big and make me look daggy to the side. How many kg or pounds does it take to loose a size? I hope I loose a size soon because I really want to fit into 16/18 pants again and not 20 jeans.

Today has been a good day and I know I need to savour days like this when I’ve had good self control and exercised.

Have a good night and a good week everyone!

SW: 123kg

Currently: 114.8kg

Lost: 8.2

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