life just keeps getting sweeter

some days you just wake up and love everything in life. For me, today was one of those days.

I ate SUPER healthy. 1200 calorie healthy. I did exercise, 20 minute walk, 10 minutes aerobics. I feel really good. I actually felt a bit shaky before, probably from lack of sugar, but now I feel great.

I also joined my first challenge in the forums, the 100lbs halloween challenge. Even though Halloween isn’t really a thing in Australia it’s still nice to have a goal date.

So what do you do to reward yourself? I used to have this full list of things I wanted.. It’s so funny, at the time I weighed like 90kg.. WHAT I WOULD GIVE TO WEIGH THAT NOW! but not to worry.. I will weigh that again soon.

I’m a real planner.. Like I love doing the math and thinking.. okay if i eat x calorie and do y amount of exercise then I will be xyz weight in just 2 months! haha probably not a great way of thinking because I stop doing the little things that happen day to day.

But back to rewards, what should I reward myself with? Not food, obviously. I don’t have heaps of money.. but I’m sure my parents will help out . I know that when I reach goal I am going to buy a completely new wardrobe.. maybe I should pick a necklace or something that I want? I need some new shoes for exercise anyway so that’s pretty practical.

I can’t wait for the next few weeks. I’m going to keep eating really healthy and doing my 30 minutes of exercise.

By the end of the year.. I hope to go from 117 - to like 100. 17kg in 4 months.. that’s a bit steep but doable if I don’t give up.

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