.. update..

hello everyone and anyone!
well I haven’t written for a while.. but I’ve still been (semi) on track.
Eating wise: Up & down. I have my good days and good meals and I have my bad. I’m in the 100lb club halloween challenge and the first week I lost, ┬áthe second week I lose, third week I [...]


So these last 2 weeks I’ve been chugging along.. eating fairly well.. maybe 1 or 2 days I went over calories but that’s about it. I’ve been exercising and drinking the right amount of water.. then.. BAM
TIME OF THE MONTH. OMG. WHY WHY WHY?!?! I Hate getting my periods, I don’t even want to have [...]


well i’ve been sticking to it! It’s been a looonnggg weekend and I did eat over my recommended calories twice but i didn’t binge on chocolate.
Today I’ve eaten well again and plan to go to bed early.. this actually helps me avoid eating late night snakes and poking around the kitcehn.
I do have a problem [...]

up and down

so today and the past few days have been up and down.
The good:
I lost weight! yeyyy.. down to 115.8 again.
I’ve been following my diet “healthy eating lifestyle” fairly closely
I’ve been exercising again
The bad:
I saw that my previous ex’s that I was in a relationship are now both in happy relationships (via Facebook). I don’t love [...]

life just keeps getting sweeter

some days you just wake up and love everything in life. For me, today was one of those days.
I ate SUPER healthy. 1200 calorie healthy. I did exercise, 20 minute walk, 10 minutes aerobics. I feel really good. I actually felt a bit shaky before, probably from lack of sugar, but now I feel great.
I [...]