it’s all happening.. I hope.

Well I weighed myself this morning and I put on weight!! I’m 116.5kg right now, which does suck but I ate heaps yesterday so I’m not surprised. I don’t mind when the scale jumps up as long as it evens out over the next few days.

The worst part about it is that I have heaps of assignments to do and I have to go out tomorrow to help out with a work thing, then I’m going out at night. So i’m very busy and I just wanna eat cookies when I do my assignments!

Other than that I’ve been doing the diet for over a week now.

So my first week I ate over my calorie allowance 3 times. One of those times was by 10 calories but the other two were by 200. Yesterday I ate over probably by 1000 or something.

I was loosing a bit of weight, but it’s such a long process. I’m still considering lowering my calories intake, but then I think if eating this many calories is a struggle imagine 200 less.

I applied for a proper job a few days ago, which I think I mentioned. I haven’t gotten a call or anything but I really hope I do. I want that job sooo much!   :(

Well Just wanted to check in !

Starting Weight: 123kg

Current: 116.5

Lost: 6.5kg

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