Where have I been? I mean it’s only been 2 days but I really miss writing this blog already. It’s kinda like therapy.

ANYWAY. I have been working late nights etc so I’ve been a bit bad and not really updated. BUT Here are some pictures…

Hopefully if you copy and paste these links they will work! I’ve had some technical troubles.

This is me at my current weight.. I took the photos 2 nights ago. Just wanted you to know kinda what I’m working with here. I personally think my weight is pretty evenly distributed.. obviously there is more on my stomach but otherwise I don’t feel that I’m uneven.

I’m so stressed latety. I have group assignments for uni which are terrible. I have work work work work work and more work. I have managed to still eat fairly well, I don’t think I’ve gone over my calories allowance. I’ve been fighting with my dad. GOD. It’s just one of those busy weeks.

I don’t think I have much else to say at the moment. I’m applying for a new job so wish me luck!!! I could really use the money and ONE job instead of THREE shitty ones. I mean I do like them, but you know, it’s good to only have to focus on one thing rather than heaps.

Well Short entry today peeps! Take care..

Starting Weight: 123kg

Current Weight 115.3kg

Lost: 7.7

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