Sunday bloody Sunday

Today I had work.

When I was working in the theatre I was told to do some warm up exercises with the actors. *SIGHHHHH*

Just another remind that I’m big. Seriously. Some of the things we had to do just felt a bit awkward, like use each others body weight etc. I was the biggest person there. It sucks when you walk in a room and you know you’re the biggest there, or at work.

I also had a pretty shitty morning, I woke up to weight myself  - oh I should’ve mentioned 2 days ago I weighed 115.3 - but TODAY I weighed 115.6kg - Even though I was eating the correct amount of calories, I guess I counted wrong.

Tonight is also take a way night - we have it once a week, always on a sunday and I’m having chinese. I still have a fair amount of calories left for the day (had toast with nutella for b fast - approx 380 calls, then yoghurt and home made granola for lunch - probably 500 and i get 1940 a day). My head feels a bit all over the place

I have uni assignments due this week, and I’ve got things on for all 3 of my jobs. 3 jobs! Jeez. I’m so busy, but lucky I still have time to write this annoying entry :)

I’m still really excited about new clothes. I know its about 2 years away but I can’t help it. I just hope I don’t loose  my enthusiasm. I know some people in the forums talk about getting clothes a little bit smaller, or even buying that killer outfit that you want to wear but I don’t think i’m ready for that - as much as I want to start stocking my wardrobe with awesome things.

ALSO I can’t comment on anyones blogs!!! SO ANNOYING! I will have to see why that is. I think it’s happening to everyone though.. hmm

Hmm I need a calendar. I’m thinking of putting one on the back of my door and when I weigh myself, I’ll make note of my weight. When I put on weight this morning I wanted to decrease my cal intake, to 1700 (roughly) so I would loose 1.5 pounds a week rather than 1. BUT I held myself back, it’s only been a few days doing this properly (again) so I will wait a full 2 weeks AT LEAST. If i loose 2 pounds over that time then I will keep eating the same amount of calories, If i don’t, I may have to eat less. It’s just when I eat less I get worried that I will be too hungry and BINGE. And it’s true, I’ve done it before, I have the healthiest day ever and then 8pm comes along and I’ll eat a block of chocolate. It’s ridic.

Anyway I’m off now.and I’m going to include my stats of the day at the bottom of each post  (some of my weight things may have changed from my first post that’s because I usually estimate things)

Starting Weight: 123kg

This mornings weight: 115.6kg

Lost = 7.4kg

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