Onwards and Downwards!

August 8th, 2012

Thoughts of progressing towards a slimmer me are not materialising!! WeightWatchers are not proving to be the magnificent loss factor for me… where shall I go from here?!

Another call from my doctors surgery to have me go in for a bloodpressure check…What on earth is going on? With one thing and another the phone call set for Friday from my doctor to discuss my recent blood tests does not bode well, methinks!

Grocery delivery this afternoon..then out to bank to withdraw some cash for paying my cleaner next week. On to post office to send back a couple of things from a catalogue. One was a cardie that was too big.. nice to be able to say too big!! .. for a change. Reordered it in a smaller size. Then went to Tesco for a few things to use some coupons before they go out of date. Meant that I bought biscuits and icecreams which I then proceeded to devour!!  ):

So hate myself for doing that but nearly always fall for the having to “treat” myself to something when I go shopping…ridiculous really. Another day tomorrow..well..should say today .. as it’s now 1.54am.

Just 5 months to go before my next cruise and I wanted to be a new slimmer me! I really have to get into a better mind set with this WeightWatchers regime. It’s a very easy diet to follow and I have the books, calculator and knowhow..It’s just this mind of mine that¬†will not stay focused..”it’s too easy..It won’t work for me..I will be eating too much”

Well, must off to bed now and hope that a good sleep will get the mojo back to working properly..!?!

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  1. swirligirlrn Says:

    I love the title!

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