Here We Go! Here We Go!

February 16th, 2013

Delighted to find that after many months of my weight being absolutely stuck I am now losing steadily once again… Phew!! My Bucket List priority was to get back to a decent figure…in other words..SLIM.
I think it is most probably due to the fact that I have stopped taking a lot of meds for my back pain mainly because I found that they really were not having any beneficial affect pain wise and they were making me extremely constipated too.

My cruise over Xmas was an absolute disaster. Went on the P&O Azura which was in the news for having been stricken with the Norovirus. I had great expectations before going as I had been able to hire a mobility scooter which was delivered on board to my cabin and, being a very large ship I thought this would be perfect. However, I had to be upgraded in order to get the scooter into my cabin thus costing me quite a bit more than I had previously accounted for but at least I had a balcony… But where the scooter had to be parked meant that I had to continually squeeze past it which made my back very, very painful. I went to the reception to complain and was told they would “look into it” but after 3 days nothing had happened and at 11.30 in the evening I went down to reception and went berserk…. Eventually a steward went and looked at the cabin and arranged for the furniture to be rearranged which gave me more room. By then I really was too ill to enjoy my holiday and to top it all I got the virus and spent the next three days confined to my cabin. I just couldn’t wait to get home and fell into bed where I remained for the next two days! … )- :

That has made me feel I do not want to go on any more cruises but I am using my time and finances to make my home more comfortable and updated. I am also having a massage every week which helps me to relax and no doubt helping in making the weight go, And I now have a cleaner who calls once a fortnight to get all my jobs done that are too difficult for me now.

So…despite the bad start with the holiday things are looking up.
I am more than a little delighted that my weight is moving in the right direction again at last.
Here’s to many more pounds to go!

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