March 2nd, 2013

It’s a rather disappointing day with the WI showing a gain..so am back to 14st 6lb (202lbs) !!
WI should really be on Mondays so could lose a pound or two before then..(fingers crossed)

Still have an ongoing problem with my daughter which is the main reason for my being uptight and getting into a tiswas! And to cap that I have now rather fallen out with my sister after being very grumpy when talking to her about a week ago… I am just not feeling like talking to anyone at the mo’ and they can all get stuffed!

Had another massage on Monday which is helping to ease the pains that I have continously. Council workman called and fitted some lovely lever style taps in my kitchen. Cleaner lady called on Wednesday and did her magnificent magic leaving my flat sparkling and spotless. Friday..hairdo and on to my U3A group where we discussed various topics on the subject of Colours. Finished off with our usual cuppa and biscuits with lots of laughs to boot.
So today have listened to my favourite music..C&W on the radio from 9 till 12noon.. Brill. Did a few odd jobs and prepared my meal for tonight…. so all fine and dandy.

Calorie count today very good and just hope my mojo keeps working.

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