Bits that Really Matter!

August 29th, 2012

I had a bad day today. Woke with my back really aching and stayed in bed with a hot water bottle for quite some time. Rather binged on biscuits, nuts and cream cheese. Very annoyed about it but have decided enough is enough!!
Bought an air walker which will be delivered on Monday. Will be going swimming on Tuesday and am going to arrange to go for massages to help with the aches and pains I will no doubt get thro’ starting this exercising. My cruise is jus three months away and I am determined that I will look just a wee bit more glam by that time.
Am seriously considering whether to stop my studies as it takes up so much of my time but on the other hand I would so much like to get a degree and I hate giving up for any reason. Perhaps I will wait and see what my final result will be before I come to a conclusion.

Am really pleased to have recieved an e-mail from my son. He is still suffering very badly from his anxieties and depression but at least he has made the attempt tp contact me which is great. Now I have all three of my children contacting me again, not as frequently as I would like, but at least we are on speaking terms again. Long may that last!

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