Last of the Summer Whine!

August 23rd, 2012

August 23rd 2012 Thursday ..
I have just managed to submit the last TMA for this course I am doing. Was quite amazed to see that a seemingly well versed older student has not been able to do a better word count than myself…and he’s been rather quiet of late. Don’t expect I shall get a very high grade for this one but only the last EMA to go now. Fingers crossed to obtain a diploma this year.
Will be having a nice relaxing day tomorrow. Hairdo first and then on to get a badly needed manicure. May even treat myself to my yearly McD. Also I must go and order my new carpet for the hallway.
Telephone has not been working all day today. Phoned TalkTalk who put me on the Alert list apparently as I am in need of getting in touch with my doctor. No message to say they have been able to find anything amiss as yet.
Diet has been a bit of a shambles but I have had my head buried in books for some time. I do so wish I could believe that WeightWatchers is the way to go. I am not looking for a miracle but just SOMETHING that will work. I really am at my wits end to know how to get this flab to diminish!!
Hope the weather stays cooler .. can’t be doing with all this heat. Makes my aches and pains much worse….Whine over for today!

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