Monday August 6th 2012

August 6th, 2012

Did loose 2lb during the week but as I indulged on two days this is now only 1lb! Still..better than nothing! .. Now weigh 14st6lb (202lbs)

Got down to studying and have caught up a wee bit. Still loads to do though and next TMA coming up soon.

Received phone call yesterday from docors surgery for me to go in for another blood test as I have high potassium levels. Have had kidney and heart problems for ages so hope things have not gotten too drastic. Then received a letter from surgery to make an appointment for doctor to discuss my results over the phone… wonder what that’s about? Actually, really can’t be worrying about that as I have had alsorts of problems over the years which have spelt disaster… and I’m still here!!

Had a phone call from a dear friend who moved away from this area some time ago. Had a lovely chat..made my day.

Woke up with awful sore throat this morning..think I must have been having a hearty snoring session last night…lol! Feeling a lot better now.

Phone sister to see how she was…she asked me about my dentist and I remembered not to rabbit on about how great they are as she inevitably will then report back that she found them awful..etc.etc..So said they were okay and their new premises were sort of okay…expect she will tell me how wonderful they are now.

Am off to prepare my tea/dinner/evening meal..whichever you want to call it.

24ProPoints used today

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