10/10/12 Wednesday

Eileen - October 10, 2012 - Wednesday
Exercise Today: … none
Starting Weight 10/08/12: 328.0     Last Weigh-In: 324.4   Today: 324.4
Change Yesterday: - 3.6 lbs     Total Progress: - 3.6 lbs

YAY!!  For the first time in ten months, my scale is headed in the right direction!!

It’s very cool for me to think, “I did that.”  Now I know that much of the sudden weight loss is the water-dump that happens after the sudden withdrawal from carbs, but that’s okay.  I still did that.

I am at work, eating a lovely snack at my desk.  It’s a small salad with sliced ham, full-fat Ranch dressing, sliced almonds, and a couple slices of monterey-cheddar on the side.  I ate lunch at about one and plan to eat dinner at about seven, but right now, at about four-fifteen, this is a perfect-sized snack to take my mind off the munchie-cravings.

Earlier this afternoon, one of my co-workers walked past and I said, “Hey, wait a minute, I have some stuff for you,” and proceeded to pull out from my desk compartments:  a bag of Wavy Lays, a box of Ginger Snaps and a bag with some little boxes of Milk Duds that my husband gave me six months ago.  ”I don’t want these tempting me, so take ‘em.”  She is one of these women who can eat anything, never exercise, and never gain an ounce.  I would hate her if she weren’t so nice.  Anyway, she took the stuff off my hands.

Two and a half days so far with no cheating.  Small, small steps.

10/8/12 Monday

Eileen - October 8, 2012 - Monday
Exercise Today: … none
Starting Weight 10/08/12: xxx.0     Last Weigh-In: xxx.0   Today: xxx.0
Change Yesterday: n/a   Total Progress: n/a

Ten months.

In ten months, I have managed to gain almost 30 more pounds. From my lowest weight a couple years ago, I have gained almost exactly 100 pounds. To say that I’m disappointed in myself is an understatement.

However, I’m not going to obsess about that. In fact, I’m going to leave that behind me *right now.* I can’t change the past, but I do have total control over the future. And I am taking control BACK. NOW.

As of this morning, I am back on the low-carb WOE. It’s the only plan that has ever worked for me, and don’t anybody say “Does it really work because you gained it all back?” My gaining back had nothing to do with the plan I *wasn’t* on. I would gain it all back plus more no matter what plan I’d been on previous to ditching the plan. When a person eats whatever the hell they want to eat and they don’t expend energy to burn fat, well, they get fatter. Period.

I am not exercising yet because I am in the induction phase and am in agony. I have surrounded myself with low-carb foods but am detoxing from white flour and sugar and am having major craves. I know in a week or so I will start feeling amazing and strong - when that happens, I will start exercising because I know this plan doesn’t work without some effort. And I ain’t going through this agony-crap-phase if it isn’t going to result in some weight loss!!

I know I’ve been gone so long from here that probably no one remembers me, but that’s okay. I need this place. I need this forum. It worked for me before when I lost SIXTY POUNDS, it will work for me again, when I lose the original sixty, the extra forty - AND the hundred beyond that!!!


I’ll just concentrate on getting through the induction phase first!!

Tuesday 12/20

Eileen - December 20, 2011 - Tuesday
Exercise Today: … 3 hours shopping-walking
Starting Weight 12/13/11: 299.8     Last Weigh-In: 298.2   Today: 299.8
Change Yesterday: + 1.6   Total Progress: - 0.0

I know I haven’t been counting, but I also haven’t been binging, either.  Yes, I have had some chocolate and a couple Christmas cookies, but I’ve been keeping my meals small and reasonable, only eating until I’m satisfied and never venturing into “full.”  I was actually excited, getting on the scale this morning, because I was absolutely sure I was going to see a drop in weight… and instead I saw the 1.6 lbs I’d lost come right back!!  It’s okay, though, I’m still way swollen and sore from my geocaching adventure (I’m totally not used to climbing anything more strenuous than a staircase!!).

Hubby and I went shopping today, we had a couple errands to run as well, so we were pretty much on-the-go all day long.  I am officially on vacation from work now, even though I’m not on my way to Wisconsin as originally planned, so we are preparing for a slightly different trip now.  We finally decided where we are going (it’s still here in Florida but about 3 hours away) and we’re psyched about it.  We’re leaving Christmas Eve night right after the celebration at my brother’s house and then we’ll be back home on the 29th.  We’re taking only our daughter with us, and so that will be very different, we haven’t spent much time with just her and so I’m hoping it will be special and memorable.  A couple years ago I would not have said it would be “special,” I probably would have said it would be unpleasant at best, but she’s grown up a lot since then.  Now we’re all looking forward to it, and that’s a nice change.  Amazing, the difference between age 18 and age 21.

Tonight I have to stay awake pretty much all night.  My son’s flight leaves at 5:15 am and I am taking him to the airport, which is about forty-five minutes away, so we’ll be leaving at about 3:00 am.  That will have him there about a hour-and-a-half before his flight leaves, and that should be plenty of time at that time of day.  It’s so exciting, his first time flying!!  I’m going to get him and his luggage checked in, and then he’s on his own, since I can’t go past the security checkpoint without a ticket.  Remember the good old days when you could go right to the gate?

So I’ll probably get back home about the same time he takes off - and then I’ll sleep from 5am to 10am.  We have a full day of stuff planned tomorrow (stuff meaning work) so I can’t sleep the day away, though I’ll probably want to, after staying up all night!!


Sunday, 12/18

Eileen - December 18, 2011 - Sunday
Exercise Today: … 60 minutes hiking
Starting Weight 12/13/11: 299.8     Last Weigh-In: 298.8   Today: 298.2
Change Yesterday: - 0.6   Total Progress: - 1.6

Hubby and I went geocaching again today.  Altogether we only found seven of ‘em, but they were all pretty far apart so there was driving time in-between.  This is the first time we’ve ever really planned out our caching route ahead of time, with a list that we wanted to find, but it was fun.  Most of the ones on our list were easy to get to and not a whole lot of hiking involved… except one.  I ruined a pair of shoes but I got a heckuva workout, that’s for sure!

We’d been to this park before for another geocache, but this particular cache was hidden deeper into the forest, off the trail and in an area that’s a bit swampy.  We took off into the woods, ready for adventure and soon found ourselves slowed down by the vines - some of them wicked thorny - that blocked our way. Hubby cut them when he could and we made our way around stumps and fallen trees and even an old mattress and box-springs … and then came to the mud.

We tried to walk around it and stay on high ground but we finally came to an area about 15 feet across that we couldn’t avoid if we wanted to get this cache.  We did pretty well, stepping on the vegetation when we could, and we made it across … almost.  Well, one of us made it!  LOL, I went to take the last two steps and my shoe *sunk* down into the mud!  I yelped and lunged for the high ground, thought I was gonna lose my shoe altogether!

The cache container was hanging in a tree (good thing Hubby was there because I would not have been able to reach it without a ladder)(I hate that), so we signed the log and started heading back.  When we got to the muddy part, Hubby found some branches and bark pieces and laid them down in that area of the mud where I slipped. How sweet is that?!?

Altogether it took almost an hour to bushwhack our way through the woods and then make our way back again.  I was quite winded by the time we got back to the truck.  It was a great workout on a beautiful day!


Saturday, 12/17

Eileen - December 17, 2011 - Saturday
Exercise Today: … 15 minutes walking
Starting Weight 12/13/11: 299.8     Last Weigh-In: 299.2   Today: 298.8
Change Yesterday: - 0.4   Total Progress: - 1.0

Hubby and I slept in late today — ahhhhh that was niiiiiice — and then we went out to lunch and went geocaching until dark.  We still love this hobby!!  We have our own caches out there now, 28 of ‘em, and we have so much fun with the whole thing.  I love how it gets us out of the house and going to places that we would normally never go, and to see things, sometimes beautiful sights, which we would never have seen!

Hey, look what we got last month!

our trailer! our trailer

It’s small - only 16 feet long - which is exactly what we wanted!  It’s mostly just going to be hubby and me going places in it, so we didn’t want to be pulling something big and heavy that would suck a ton of gas!  Anyway, we’re thinking about going on a little trip next week, since we can’t go to Wisconsin as we’d planned, maybe we can at least take a few days and go somewhere here in Florida.  That’ll be fun!

I’m still working on my C25Kx  website!  I ran into a little problem with it tonight and the web-server people are switching me to a different server, so in the meantime I can’t make any changes to the site until that is done.  *Sigh*  I’m having fun with that, too!  Oh well, in the meantime since I can’t tinker with that, I added a little clickable ad to my blogsite here.  :D


Friday, 12/16

Eileen - December 16, 2011 - Friday
Exercise Today: … umm, none again
Starting Weight 12/13/11: 299.8     Last Weigh-In: 299.2   Today: 299.2
Change Yesterday: + 0.0   Total Progress: - 0.6

I worked all evening on my new website (www.c25kx.com).

OMG I am obsessed!!  It was fun though.  I didn’t get a chance to re-record the one-and-only podcast yet, plus I’m itching to do the rest of them!!  But I’m probably going to wait on developing the rest of the program until I can be my own guinea pig.  I need to test it out on a “real” fat person to see if progress at this rate is significant or if I need to step it up, and if so, can I do it??  We’ll see!!

My hubby and I were planning a trip but we found out last night that we’re not going to be able to go.  We were taking our 19-year-old son Kevin with us and we knew he would be absolutely devastated that we weren’t going, because he was going to have a chance to meet his best friend in person.  He and his best friend spend ALL their free time together - only it’s all over the internet.  They play online games together and develop YouTube videos together and even record music together, yet they’ve never actually met in person.  This friend lives in Wisconsin, and we were going to take him on our two-week vacation, from Florida to Wisconsin and back.  He was going to spend part of the time at Dante’s house (he lives with his grandmother) and part of the time with us, visiting relatives.

So hubby and I discussed it, and did some research, and tonight I sat Kevin down and gave him the news, but I also gave him a choice.  If he wanted, he could stay home and have Christmas with us and we’d spend the usual amount on him, split up into 10 or 12 gifts.  OR.  We could take that money and buy him a plane ticket to Wisconsin.

Tonight I booked him a flight.  He’s never flown on a plane before.  Has never gone anywhere more than 50 miles away by himself before.  He’s flying into Chicago and then taking the el to the Greyhound station in Chicago, then riding the bus to his friend’s town in Wisconsin, then doing it all backwards on the way back 10 days later.  What an adventure!!


Thursday, 12/15

Eileen - December 15, 2011 - Thursday
Exercise Today: … umm, none
Starting Weight 12/13/11: 299.8     Last Weigh-In: 298.8   Today: 299.2
Change Yesterday: + 0.4   Total Progress: - 0.6

Oh, I just couldn’t help myself.

Tonight I bought a domain name.  And a hosting plan.  And I created a new website for my podcast idea.  I never do anything halfway, I always find a way to make something more complicated or more work or more of a commitment, always always always!!

This is no exception.

Okay, I rethought the whole “C25K for Fat People” thing and decided that even though *I* am just fine with referring to myself with that f-word, I know a whole lot of other people are very uncomfortable with it.  So.  The name of my program is “C25K - Extended Version.”

C25K is a registered trademark.  However.  If you google C25K and look around the web, there are a gazillion websites that are somehow related to the concept and/or program, and they all freely bandy the c25k name around.  Including a certain website which is especially popular: www.c25k.com

The guy that put that website up is not the owner of the c25k trademark.  Another website, www.coolrunning.com is.

ANNNNNNNYWAY, it’s really late and my husband is falling asleep sitting up so I gotta go.  But in case anyone is interested in taking a peek, here’s the website I threw together in just a couple hours:  www.c25kx.com

eta: I will be re-recording the podcast for week #1.


Wednesday, 12/14

Eileen - December 14, 2011 - Wednesday
Exercise Today: … knees hurt, didn’t even walk
Starting Weight 12/13/11: 299.8     Last Weigh-In: 299.8   Today: 298.8
Change Yesterday: - 1.0   Total Progress: - 1.0

If you hadn’t noticed already, it’s not exactly a coincidence that I suddenly “reappeared” here when my weight was precisely two-tenths of a pound below 300.  I have never been above 300 lbs in my entire life, though I’ve definitely flirted with the number over the years.  This is the heaviest I’ve ever been.  It’s definitely TIME to start doing something about it.

I was fully expecting to show a gain this morning, to see that three-oh-something number pop up on the scale because I could feel the swelling in my knees and ankles - just from 30 seconds of running!!!  I was pretty psyched, then, to see an actual loss of a pound instead of a gain… though I don’t give it much credence.  That lost pound could reappear tomorrow, for absolutely no reason.  Such is the nature of daily weigh-ins.

I tried to get back on my very-comfortable-low-carb regimen, but just couldn’t seem to stick to it.  My brain keeps yelling IN THE BIG PICTURE IT DIDN’T WORK SO WHY ARE WE DOING THIS AGAIN?!? and when it yells like that, well, I just want chocolate.  Or pizza.  Anyway, I am not counting anything right now.  Not calories, not carbs.  I’m just gonna wing it with the food and the trade-off for that is a commitment to daily movement.  Yes, daily.  At least a walk every day.

I did wake up with sore knees and ankles today and so I’m thinking I should probably give them a day to heal before trying running again.  That does not mean that I can’t walk, however.  I think I’ll play the podcast and just walk all the way through it.  At least it’s movement!!  I know it’s only 10 minutes right now, but my plan is to work back up to sustained effort.  I’ll get there!



Eileen - December 13, 2011 - Tuesday
Starting Weight TODAY: 299.8     Last Weigh-In: N/A   Today: 299.8
Change Yesterday: - 0.0   Total Progress: - 0.0

Here I go.  Again.  OMG how many times can a person try, try again, over and over and over??

As many times as it takes.

I got an idea earlier today and suddenly it took off inside my head.  It’s now 2:00 am and I have spent the last SEVEN hours working on my idea.  It may be just the thing I need, this idea.  It may be the thing that helps me to finally take this weight off and keep it off.

And as long as I’m thinking like that, it’s a good thing.  Right?

Ten months ago, I tried the C25K program.  I WANTED TO RUN.  I did the first week’s walk/run thing and couldn’t do it.  I ran for a total of 90 seconds altogether and I thought I was gonna die.  The next day my knees were swollen and stayed that way for a week!  I AM CARRYING AROUND AN EXTRA 150 LBS.  My joints can’t take the pounding until I work up some muscle to support them.

And to work up those muscles, I need to run.  Catch-22.  So then today I got this idea… why not develop a C25K program that is modified for the OBESE (ehh, i prefer “really fat,” it’s more real to me)… for the REALLY FAT.  It can’t be that hard, right?  Pick some music, decide on the intervals, record the voice track for instructions, it’ll be great.  Only I never recorded anything with multiple tracks and had no idea how.  Thank God for the Internet!!  I somehow managed to make a 10-minute long program for Week #1.

And then I went out and DID IT!!  It included warm-up walking then two FIFTEEN SECOND intervals of running, about a minute apart, then walking again for the rest of the time.  Fifteen seconds doesn’t seem like much but for a person as heavy as me, it’s a FREAKIN’ START!!

So then I thought (those who know me know I can’t help but go the next step!!), why not share the files with others like me?  So I created a message board so I could post the files to share.  I will continue to post the podcasts as I make ‘em.  http://c25k4rfp.proboards.com (No registration or login is required for downloading the files)  I don’t know if anyone will ever find my little board and download my little podcasts, but for me… that’s not the point.

It’s a new start for me.  I needed this.


The Don’t-Be-Lazy Exercise Plan


June 1, 2011 ~ 288.2 lbs. (-2.8)


Hey, two-point-eight pounds is … well, it’s almost three pounds.  I’ll take it!!

One of the things I’ve been working on “changing up” in my life is this:  I have this tendency to put stuff off.  Really bad.  I mean like I’m known for my procrastination, big time.  I always put stuff off until the last minute and then I somehow manage to work under pressure and pull it off anyway, but it’s not something to be proud of, exactly.

The thing is, it’s not so much procrastination as it is laziness.  I like leisure, always have.  I like to sit quietly and read.  Or watch a movie.  Or talk.  Or play a game.  Or just about anything that requires me to sit on my ass.  And because of this, I don’t always make good proactive choices.  Do laundry or watch Netflix?  Clean out that closet or take a nap?  Scrub the bathtub or have some ice cream?  I don’t think I need to elaborate on which options I typically chose.

For the past week, I’ve been trying to turn my mindset dial to a new channel.  The see-it-needs-done-and-just-friggin-do-it network.  I have indulged in some really unexpected heavy-duty housecleaning feats (to my husband’s amazement and delight, I might add) and have even taken on some muscle-related-tasks at work (tasks I’ve been putting off for a very long time).

Add to that, the walking-related adventures over the weekend, I was hoping for some kind of scale-related payoff.  I wasn’t expecting almost three pounds in one day, but it’s cool, I just hope it stays off and isn’t one of those weird flukes of weighingdom that plague the unsuspecting.  Just in case, I weighed myself like eight times this morning.  Those three pounds really were gone.  Now I’d just like to lose three more like ‘em.  And three more after that.


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