Gluten intolerance? Celiac? Is it all in my head?

Note: There are going to be some personal things mentioned that you may or may not want to read or know about me (some TMI issues).

Okay, so long story short: My sister said last year that she wondered if she had a gluten intolerance. I have lately been so lethargic, it was truly scaring me. Not only that, but I had been showing signs of nutritional deficiencies: cracked/chapped lips, extreme dandruff, not being ‘regular’, irregular TOM.

So I started to research about my sister’s theory of gluten being an issue. I felt like I hit the jackpot because most of the symptoms I can pinpoint; not only that, but I can point out times where I should have known something was wrong.

The minute I eliminated gluten, I no longer hurt after eating. I always thought that ‘pain’ I felt was hunger and needing more food. Boy, was I wrong! I am no longer ever hungry. This next part is the one that is going to be difficult for me to say, because I’ve been embarrassed by this and have never known what was going on… I have 2 boils on pantyline, which aren’t uncommon, and I attributed them to my weight and also sweating. Well, lo and behold those boils went from inflamed the size of a little smaller than a golf ball, to inflamed the size of a pea and fading, not even 4 days into the diet change. Coincidence? I think not.

So I decided to go all out. I have given up gluten, dairy, and fruit. I am only eating meat, eggs, and veggies. I will eventually add back in dairy and fruit because I am not lactose intolerant and I love fruit, but I decided to take a low sugar, low carb approach and re-evaluate my relationship with food.

Unfortunately, by going gluten-free, I may never know if I have Celiac disease. However, I have contemplated having the ‘gene test’ just for some peace of mind. If I do not have the genes, well then, I guess I do not have celiac, but may have a gluten-intolerance. If I do have the genes associated, it’s not a diagnosis, but I will know for myself how real it is, and will keep with it all my days. I want a long, healthy life.

My weight today 186.7

My goal weight 163

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