So far, so good

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Started the Whole Life Challenge for the 2nd time, I did very well with fall edition. I need to fit into a bridesmaid’s dress on July 5th (at least 1 size down), so definitely time to put in work. I’m on my water, supplements, low carb diet and food tracker. I’m doing a slightly modified Ideal Protein diet.

I make my own protein shakes, then have salad with salmon for lunch and a lean protein for dinner with veggies. My hope is to weigh 180 by July. That should be enough to fit into the dress! By September I want to be 160. I just bought some new Alta shoes which should help with the running for sure.

Ready for Change

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After dropping 40 pounds earlier this year, I put 20 back on after traveling for work for three months.

I am determined to get back to making fitness a priority.

This time around I won’t be super restrictive with my carbs, because I will be working out a lot more to keep my muscle.

Paleo will also be my guiding star, rather than any kind of calories.

The formula for change:

1200 calories a day, with the nutrient breakdown as follows:

40% fat

40% protein

20% carbs

Only wine for alcohol, (beer rarely) and in moderation

Whole, natural foods (avoiding most articifica additives)

Workouts will be Crossfit (Cardio + Weights) and the treadmill (to improve cardiovascular fitness and running capacity and pace)

My goal is to lose 40 lbs by March 2015. I will then decide whether or not to lose an additional 20 lbs.

Ready for change and to make health and fitness habitual.

Back to Work

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I am back on my diet and exercise regimen. I am down 7.4 pounds after a week. I’ve lost another 0.7 pounds between yesterday and today. I think daily weigh-ins are going to keep me on task and in line. Hoping to be down to my goal weight by September. I am dedicating the entire summer to this efforts. Diet, exercise, grad school. Rinse and repeat. I’m gonna do it this time!


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For the last few weeks, I’ve been hovering between 177 and 176. I started running with the Couch to 5K program in the hopes of busting through this plateau. Time will tell!

Back again

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It’s been a busy couple of months, and I’ve neglected this blog. Back to work after Vegas and a couple of beer pong events. Last weekend I was part of a 6v6 beer pong team that won the East Coast Championship! We took home $4200, $700 each. And then, last night I won the coed tournament with my partner. Feels great! I am presently at my lowest weight, 177. I hope to be at 170 by the end of March at the latest, hopefully I’ll be in the 160’s by then. Feeling great, the diet is still very manageable. Enjoying life to the fullest.

Size 8 Jeans!!!!

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This past Saturday I fit into size 8 jeans! Something I haven’t done for as long as I can remember. I’m so excited and determed to keep my progress up. Full speed ahead!

Back to It

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Back from training where I managed to stay on plan and continued losing, though the loss has definitely slowed. I’m currently at 183-184, the scale is being a little finicky at the moment.

When I started, I plotted out my ideal weight loss on my google calendar. This upcoming Monday, I wanted to be at 180 lbs. I probably won’t hit that since this Monday is also when my TOM is slated to hit, but being within 3 – 4 pounds of my goal 6 weeks in is certainly encouraging.

I will start back up with weights tonight, easing into working out again. We leave Friday for Vegas, so between now and then I’ll be busy working on a plan to stay on track while on vacay.

I will enjoy myself, but in moderation. I don’t mind if I put a couple pounds back on, but I don’t want to backslide as I enter 2013. I know I can do it!


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I’m an hour away from home M – F of this week and M – Thurs of next week for work training. Luckily, the dining area has a vast assortment of food, and something that I can have for breakfast, lunch and dinner that is diet compliant. My only worry is that I may be eating more portions than I would at home. Time will tell (or rather, the scale will tell) when I get home Friday night. I’ll adjust accordingly.


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This morning,  I was down 2.5 lbs after being stuck for a few days during my period. The weight is moving today, Yay!

I also went ahead and ordered 3 pairs of jeans online on Black Friday. Sizes 12, 10, and 8. It took a lot to step out in faith and buy those 8’s!!!

I was comfortable in a size 14 just this month. I just tried on the size 12 jeans and they fit great! I’m so excited!


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My weight hasn’t moved since Monday, when I also hit that time of the month. I’m trying to be patient, but it is definitely frustrating. I’d like at least 3 pounds gone by Monday the 3rd, but I know that’s asking a lot. :/ Fingers crossed and no weigh ins until then. I just get more frustrated.