01/06/2013 – Day 365

Today marks my 1 year since I started this journey. To getting half to goal by the end of last year to gaining that weight back over the first few months of this year, it’s been a roller coaster! I’m back now to get to my goal!

Exams and college are done now and it’s the summer time. The weather has been great here so I’ve been able to work out more. I’ve gotten myself a summer job which will keep me busy and lots of running around but I want to be able to keep up with my scheduled exercise. The earliest I would be in work will be 12 noon so this means I’ve morning times to do exercise before work. I feel it’s often better to exercise in the morning as you would have a lot more energy than in the evenings. I would often go walking in the evenings after college and sometimes it would be such a hassle as I’d have no energy left.

With it being summer now, and no study to do, I’ve decided to increase my goals. My new goals are now:

  • 45 miles
  • 24 days of weight lifting

I feel they are both doable, if I work hard I will be able to achieve these goals. Only time will tell how I get on with my goals for June but I’m hoping will be successful. In May I managed to add 39 miles to my 600 miles challenge in 2013. So I do need to work a little more to get my 45 miles goal. The same for my weight lifting. I just made my 20 days weight lifting so I will need to work hard to reach 24 days.

Since I’m finished college this year, I will have graduation and with that comes a pretty dress to wear. I’ve found a stunning one online which I plan on purchasing later on in the month. I want to order it in a smaller size and let it be motivation to keep on going but then what if I happen to fall off the wagon – it has happened before! I wanted to order a UK 8 (US 4). I’m a UK 12 (US 8 ) at the moment with my clothes getting a little loose. I have now decided I will order the dress but order it in a UK 10 (US 6). Graduation isn’t until November so gives me a good five months to be able to fit into the dress perfectly!

I’ve done a new set of measurements today. They are as follows;

Current Measurements: 01/06
Weight: 140lbs
Thigh: 16.875″ (-0.125)
Calf: 12.25″ (No Change)
Upper Arm: 9.750″ (+0.125)
Wrist: 5.375″ (No Change)
Hips: 36″ (No Change)
Stomach: 35.5″ (-0.5)
Waist: 30″ (No Change)
Bust: 34″ (-0.5)
Underbust: 30″ (No Change)
Total inches lost since 01/05/2013: 1.125 inches

Not a great change at all! I’m pretty disappointed by these actually and to add to that, I weighed in at 140lbs. Last time I was 137lbs. This could have been from my dinner yesterday but I don’t know. I guess though even a little loss in inches is something. But it is hard to watch everything go backwards instead of forward. Maybe June will be more productive and I’ll have better results to report in July.

Started: June 1st 2012
Start weight: 142lbs
Current weight: 140lbs
Goal weight: 112lbs

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