Well, April is nearly over. And with that, so ends my first month after restarting. I have to say, I’m really proud of what I have achieved. I have already met my 30 miles goal and I’ve 3 days to go on my weight lifting challenge. With 3 days left in the month, I think I have the motivation to meet that goal too. I had a weigh in this morning and I’m 137lbs. This was my goal for the month and I made it 3 days earlier! I definitely feel like I’m back on track now. My one issue seems to still be water intake. Some days I will drink so much, the next I won’t drink as much. So, I do still need to work on this.

While everything is going well now, my next weigh in is supposed to be during exams. Who knows how that one will go. 😛 I’ve been studying hard for the last two or so weeks. With less than two more weeks to go, I still have a good bit to cover but I’m tackling everything bit by bit. I have good marks going into my exams this semester so it really does help and lift some pressure off. I have a planned study day for today. But during my breaks, I plan on getting my exercise done. My classes finish this week and then we have a few days off to study before they begin. During my days off, I will be working around my study and exercise time making sure I fit both in.

While the month isn’t over, I have added just less than 38 miles to my 750 miles challenge. I’ve been re-evaluating this goal. With 161 miles done in the first 1/3 of the year, I don’t think I will get 750 miles by the end of year. I have decided to reduce the number to 600 miles. I know that if I’m at 161 now, I have to do extra to achieve that goal. But I feel like I will get a lot done in the summer and be able to aim for bigger goals than 30 miles per month which is what I try to achieve during college.

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Started: June 1st 2012
Start weight: 142lbs
Current weight: 137lbs
Goal weight: 112lbs

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