Meals, diet cookbooks, the gym, and the farmers market

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I’m continuing on my quest to be more more plugged into the meals (bf does most to all of the grocery shopping and cooking).  I pulled out my Jenny Craig cook book last weekend and color tagged several recipes.  I handed him the book and said:  anything you make from here is ok.  He made a fish with red onions that was DELICIOUS (thanks, Jenny!), some creamy potatoes (ate that with chicken), some chicken nuggets with honey mustard sauce.  Was a good thing.

farmers market

We’ve been going to the little neighborhood farmers market after church on Sundays (went today), and that’s a very good thing too.  (This pic is actually from a couple of years ago, we don’t have these fall colored leaves yet this season.)  Not that I don’t think the supermarket veggies wouldn’t work as well, it’s more that we do it together, pick out things we might not have tried yet (variety has been a problem with the meals; I go crazy eating the same things again and again), and I do some of the cooking.  Today I bought a bunch of carrots and several types of apples.  I roasted the carrots with some red onions and potatoes (left the skin on), added coarse salt, pepper, fresh rosemary and oregano, tossed it all with olive oil.  It smells FANTASTIC.

Saturday I went to the gym after spraining/straining my knee and being out of commission gymwise for a couple of weeks.  It felt great to get on the treadmill again and sweat.  I did a couple of resistance machines too.  I decided to take it easy, since I’m just getting back up to snuff walking wise and definitely DO NOT want to re-injure it.  I miss the gym when I don’t get to go.  I’m so happy to be getting the leg back into working order, though it did still feel a little stiff this morning.  Guess I can’t expect it to heal overnight.

Ouchhhh, that had ta hurt!

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Well, I strained my knee.  The Wednesday before last, or thereabouts.  I wrapped it and iced it, then on Friday I thought the dang thing has disappeared (I didn’t feel it walking home from work), then BANG on Saturday I could barely walk.  It was soooo painful.  I spent all last weekend resting it, then all this past week wrapping and icing it AGAIN.  I have a 10 minute walk to the subway in the morning, then I have to change trains (involves going up a flight of steps, up a ramp, then up another flight of steps), then a 5 minute walk to the office.  Usually I get off early and walk for about 20 minutes, but I skipped doing that trying to get over this thing.

Yesterday I had the day off, and I’d been so good about the knee that I decided we’d go to the botanic garden.  The weather couldn’t have been nicer.  We walked all around the garden, then walked home, a lot a walkin’.  I was BUSHED, my stamina in just a week had seriously dropped.  Ok, and I was tired to begin with, was a long week at work.  The muscles feel a little sore today, but I can feel a definitely improvement.  I hate getting these kinds of injuries, where I have to pay close attention to give it enough exercise to work out the kinks and get it into shape again, but not over do it and prolong the injury.

Kind of maddening, because I had made a special effort last week to keep the eating on plan, but the screwed up activity level threw the weight loss off, I maintained.  I’m 4 lbs above my 245 ticker weight 🙁  I’m chipping away at it, the weekend eating has been good so far (I’m halfway through).  Tomorrow we’ll stop at the farmers market, and pick up a couple of healthy good things to make.  I’m a little less into planning out dinners this weekend than last weekend, I still have last weeks list and we can use several dinners off of that.  Just have to keep plugging at this.

botanic garden rose