Come we to the summer, to the summer we will come

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It’s been so incredibly hot this July, I’m trying to remember what cool/cold felt like!  I’ve actually been getting out and about, despite the temps.  Last weekend I went to the park and botanic garden.  This weekend I walked around Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill (AFTER a long work out at the gym).  And I’ve been sticking to my eating plan MUCH better.  The heat and the TOM issues have been clouding things up (water retention wise — I’m perimenopausal, and my TOM is struggling to come, but fading away.  Such a weird feeling, to know that I’m in the middle of crossing over with that). 

I find it much easier sticking to the plan during the week than the weekends.  I get a 3 day weekend next week, so I should easily be able to fit 2 gym visits.   I need to get off this 10 lbs I’ve gained since I started my new job.  I was a little shocked how easy it was for the weight to creep up on me like that.  And I was thinking it was come off quickly (why I held that delusion, I can’t tell you).  Eating out, going out, trips, holidays, kept me going up, up, up.  As mortified as I was to see the 250s again, I kept squeeking back into the high 240’s by weigh in day, and would let that be enough.  Now that I have less time to exercise, keeping to eating plan has become more crucial — even with all the extra walking and stair climbing the commute to the new job entails.

I’ll report in how next Friday’s weigh in goes.