New Jobs and the weight loss challenges they bring….

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I’ve been at my new job for about a month now.  My schedule has changed dramatically, eating, sleeping, exercising.  I eat breakfast at home (the same breakfast), eat my mid morning snack on the way to work, bring my lunch and eat it there.  Eat dinner later.  Don’t have time to eat the afternoon snack, eat part with lunch, and drink a V8 on the communte home.  I’m eating dinner later, so don’t feel like having the same evening snack, now have a lighter one.

My boss and her husband a lot of times eat breakfast in the office (there’s a breakfast nook).  They make me coffee often (cappuccinos).  And they invited me for lox and bagels Friday, then a beer in their apartment (upstairs from the business).  It was my boss’s daughter’s birthday, and I ate a miniature cupcake, took home some for bf (of which I ate another two, sheesh).  Once I start to indulge, it can snowball for me.

I’ve had a harder time making it to gym now that I’m working 40 plus hours a week.  I’ve been going once on the weekend (went today), and for a shorter session during the week.  I want to get back to 3 days a week.  I do have more activity in general, taking the subway to and from the office.   Boy, I miss the gym!

I’m maintaining my weight, not really gaining or losing.

I do deal with a lot of people on the phone.  One of the people who works for us is a young guy, nice sounding voice.  Yesterday he said to me, I’ll have to stop by the office and meet you.  I got that sinking feeling (yet again) after a guy makes a comment like that to me.  He has an image of a 140 fantasy woman (or a woman who fits into his hot fantasy realm) and then is confronted with chunky monkey me.  Even though I’m not looking for a relationship (I have a bf), haven’t flirted with him, nada.  A guy has thought about me (from my voice), and will be disappointed when he meets me.  I’m honest to goodness truly sick of that scenario.  It’s tough on a chick’s ego, especially this middle aged chick, who does want to feel attractive.

Spring is springing!!

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Spring has sprung, people!  BF and I took a nice walk in Prospect Park today.  I saw that yellow, glowing hyacinth, the lawn had a green tint to it, the daffodil and crocus bulbs are beginning to peek out of the cold earth.  The duks and geese hanging around the pond.   The sun is shining and the sky is blue.  Amen to that!

 Yesterday I went to the gym after something of a hiatus — I’m trying to get used to my new work schedule and commuting again.  I’m a little out of shape, the treadmill felt like a workout, yikes.  Felt great, though.  I was so happy to be back there working up a sweat again.  Today we took a tour of the new Y facility in the hood, it’s a converted armory.

Next week should be a better week to focus on my diet and exercise.  This has been quite a winter, life wise and weather wise.  I’m amazingly happy to see it passing into spring.