Give me a sister, can’t resister her

Tomorrow starts the Brazilian Butt Lift.  My butt NEEDS a good lift; hopefully this will do the trick.  I have before pictures, and in ninety one days, I’ll have after pictures. 

Today I met with the trainer at the gym, and we measured my BMI along with my body fat percentage.  We discovered it is somewhere between 14.25 per cent and 22.75 per cent. Whatever it is, it is down from the last time we measured.  In ninety-one days it should be SUPER down, right right???

Good luck to me~

Fat Bottom Girls

I always argued that fat bottom girls made the rocky world go round because they threw off the centrifugal force, causing Earth to lose its momentum, and letting inertia swing the planet around once more.  No one seemed to agree with me, but it sounds logical.

On that note, days one, two, and now three went strikingly well.  I think I lost water weight, but my pants do not suffocate me quite as much.  WIN ! ? !  Luckily all this pre-packaged food tastes pretty good – quite alright.  Thankfully they are salty; usually I am not game for salted foods, but salt improves dehydrated foods. 

Since someone instigated a Christmas challenge, I hope to drop fourteen pounds between now and Christmas Day.  With tenacity I will have success, and that will be worth it.  Someday…

Shake it, Sugaree

Tomorrow starts the Wonderslim-ish program.  I hope to find some support on the 3FC forums because, well, there are no people around here to offer me any … management.

Since I have no prior experience with this spefific program, I can only hope all will go well.  It looks promising, at least, and it will not be the first lo-cal diet I go on.  Maybe this one will taste better. 

I hope tomorrow goes well. 

Start weight – 130 lbs      Goal Weight – 100 lbs