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Day 13, 11, 12, 13 and 14 January 16, 2012

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My fat is layed like I a far girl in the cooker jar. I have been very busy these past few days. I did well with my eating making sue not to over eat and to eat healthy. Friday was my Sorority Delta Sigma Theta Founders Day Celebration 99 years of sisterhood and working in the community to make the world a better place. We celebrated the entire weekend.

Friday founders day we had a soiree. Saturday we walked in the MLK parade. Sunday we worshiped together, rededicated ourselves to Delta and had a wonderful banquet.  Sunday was an all day event. I was glad to be off today and I took full advantage and slept for a long time.

I lost 2 lbs. I think I need a new scale. It just not doing right I am not okay with it. So I might be getting trashed this week.  Contemplating getting the with watchers scale.  This fat has got to GO!!!

Lord give me the strength!!! To workout and to eat right….


Day 9 “Busy” January 11, 2012

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My fat is layed like walrus yes hunty just all over the place. So work was busy today meeting he and there. I got in some pants and was able to button them up yeeep… I did not get to he gym today due to working late. Tomorrow I shall be there.

SO this diet thing I am getting used to finally and feeling good. I will and have to succeed!!!


Day 8 “Week Two” January 10, 2012

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My fat is layed like the biggest looser! The people on the show are inspirational. They can even show their fat bellies to the world. WOW!! Yeah I walked around naked in MY HOUSE. Hats off to the contestants.

Today I worked out again and rode the bike for 2 miles….Yes hunty 2 miles so I can’t write much caus emy fat is tired child. So until tomorrow PEACE


Day 7 “Lookie Lookie” January 9, 2012

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Boy looka here my fat is layed back on that treadmill cause that thang kicked my natural bone butt tonight…..Peeps I can’t do nothing fo ya tonight….I had a wonderful day on my diet as I was steady…I did 30 minutes of cardio with my Wii…yes I have not kids but own a Wii….

I got to lay my fat in the bed cause our butt has been KICKED!!!!! Until tomorrow my fat is layed like a fat girl  running up a hill, ” SORE AS ****”


Day 6 “Another Week” January 8, 2012

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My Fat is layed like I can do DAMN better than I did today!!!! I have lost water weight which we all do when we start on a diet… So those first few pounds give you some motivation to just keep moving forward.

This week I want to accomplish

  1. 4 days of work out and work on the black ops challenge….
  2. Stick to my calorie counting and all week including the weekend…
  3. Drink water daily any amount (got to start somewhere)
  4. Stay true to writing my feelings on my blog daily

I have been fat for so long and at some point I need to just let the food go. I am a die heart food addict. I LOVE FOOD!!! I LOVE TO EAT!! I have to get up and get out the house…..Food will not CONSUME ME!!!


weight chart

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LilySlim Weight loss tickers


DAY 5 “Better” January 7, 2012

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I fat is layed like a bad Saturday and my allergies are the center of my whole being!!! I love zyrtec D!! Florida is back to be warm again after our short cold snap.  The weekend are bad for me? With that being said I can say I did not do really bad today but I have room for improvement.


Day 4 “Oh What A Day”

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My Fat is layed like STRESS!!!! Today I was just totally stressed out at work…nevertheless I stayed fast to my diet. Now tomorrow is the TEAT of all TESTS as I don;t do well on weekends.


Day 3 “What R Friends For?” January 4, 2012

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My fat is layed like a watermelon!!! Well I had almost cheated today by eating a small bag of Lays potato chips. My good ole friend Deo saved the day and said, “Those chips are not on your diet, are you not trying to get rid of fat or add more fat, I politely gave her the chips.

So what are friends for? They HELP you in your time of need, when you are about to cheat and they give you a reality check like my reality friend Deo…

Today was a good day!!! We are moving forward with this diet 2 shakes and a meal!!! I feel good…..


Day 2 the “Official Start Day” January 3, 2012

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My fat is “layed” like a pig I am round and plump!!! Yes child good and round. Today was my official start my diet day. I did a shake for breakfast and lunch and a sensible dinner. You ask what’s sensible? I ate salmon lemon dill patty and salad. I feel good about day 1,  I could have used less salad dressing but hey I will take every lil change I can give myself.

I was talking to my friend Deo about how my fat is “layed” and she stated girl that is your fat just being tired and it is ready to go. I cracked up. But yeah child my fat has slowed me down and I can feel the difference so hunty this here fat of mine is just READY TO GO!!!

Until day 3 stay true to you and the diet game!!!


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