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Oh Happy Friday…..I’ve not been on my blog for a while.

I told myself that I would not post again until I hit my first “20 Pounds” lost, and today was the magical day. “can you tell I’m just a little excited about it”?

I’ve not seen these numbers on my scale in a little over two years, so I’m pretty stoked at the moment.

Part of me feels like it has taken “FOREVER” to loose this first 20 pounds. When in reality I know it has not been that long since I started. But in certain parts of my life, I have no patients at all, and I want to just wave that magical wand and “zap” me to my ideal weight.

Of course we all know that it took me years to destroy this body, what makes me think that it won’t take years of hard work to get it back to health again.

As with most people, I have good days and bad days….but I do admit that my good days outnumber my bad days by far. I think the days that scare me the most are the ones around special occasions. Like Valentines Day. Ugh….not that I have to worry to much about receiving chocolate from a loved one, but it’s more the fact that I buy little special surprises for my friends and family, and I love to bake special goodies. I’m trying to wrap my mind around not doing so much of that, but two days ago I failed.

Last week I purchased one of those tiny little boxes of Candy Hearts that have the cute little saying on them, for a friend. Really I was going to give them to a friend!!!

But two days ago I had the munchies so bad I thought I would never make it through the day. By late afternoon I said “Screw it”, and opened up that little box of candies and they were gone in two minutes flat. REALLY it was probably less time then that, but I want you to think I chewed my food first…HA

Well it was just enough to kill the munchies, and guilt me back into eating right again. Which brings me back to today and the first 20 pounds I’ve lost….. (I’d do a cartwheel, but I’m pretty sure I’d hurt myself.)

So wish me luck on my next 20 pounds, keep your fingers and toes crossed, rub your lucky rabbits foot and do lots of praying…for I need every little bit of help I can get to stay the course.

Have a great day, be healthy and love those around you.


Help, my Boobs are Deflating!

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Well it’s been a few days since my last blog update, a week in fact, but I had to stay away.

The thought of trying to sit down and put into words about what was going on with me had me worried.

You see, I had to use every fiber in my body to control my eating and if I would of sat down and wrote about all the food I was missing, I’m sure I would of gnawed off my left hand and worked up to my elbow and of course I could not of finished typing, so what would have been the point anyway? (okay I’m right handed and could of kept typing, but it would have been slow).

It was a hard week!! I’ve been told that this small constant feeling of being a “little” hungry is good for me and that it will help shrink my stomach, which will in turn teach it to not “want” as much food as my “eyes” tell me I want.

Well you know what, the only thing I see shrinking on me at the moment is my “boobs”!! I am sure they have each lost a pound a piece….they are sagging more then normal….HA!

Good Lord, why is it when a women wants to lose the weight from her waist all the way down, it starts out in her boobs? Whoa is me….(I’m bowing my head now for a quiet moment to mourn the loss of their size and the fact that they will soon reach my bellybutton.)

On the brighter side and the only thing at the moment that has kept me going, is the fact that I have dropped 10 pounds! (you may throw the confetti now, thank you)

I’ve also been working out each day. At this point only 30 minutes to an hour and it has been helping me sleep a little better at night….oh how I love to get a good nights sleep, and it eludes me so often.

But more on my workout class and sleep later on.

Tonight will be the first time since the first of the year that I am going out with a group of friends to do a glass workshop class, and many of them are bringing goodies for the group to snack on. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that there is a veggie assortment and no cookies….Lord help me stay away from any cookies….I am a weak human when it comes to anything sugar.

Lucky me I said I would bring the plates and cups, that helps me to NOT have to make anything.

So wish me luck and I’ll check back in for another blog update soon.

Happy Trails my Friends.



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Ouch, ouch, ouch and Oh OUCH!

Previously in my blog I had told you about signing up for the “Challenge” that the local rec center is putting on from January 1st to April 30th.

Well today was their kick off party and fitness sampler schedule. It started at 9 am and I’m thinking NO Problem, I’ll head over, check out all the sampler classes that they are featuring and then head home.

So I’m one of the first ones there and as I wait in the first sample class and watch each new person come in, I’m thinking “crap”, sorry for the language, anyway as the people are coming in, they are all in pretty good shape and look like they have been working out all their lives. Most of them are younger then me, but then again some of them are older, but still as skinny as a rail…. I am for sure the biggest person in these classes….at this realization I start to panic….you know that feeling you get in your gut like little butterflies and when your brain kicks into overdrive telling you to escape…(notice I said escape and not run, I can’t run) HA

But I swallow down the lump in my throat and take a few deep breaths and decide to stick it out and see how it goes.

I found out that each sampler class would be between 15 and 20 minutes, so not so bad, until I saw the list of how many classes there were.

Here is what I did today in this order: Started out with a class they call 20/20/20, it’s a lot of things all rolled up into one class. I did pretty good in this one, but could have been due to the fact that it was the first one of the day. Next Class was called Triple Threat, um-mm, this one seemed to be a tad harder for me. Third one was call Body Pump, you use hand weights and a bar weight for this one. Let’s just say by tomorrow I won’t be able to lift my arm to brush my hair. Next was a class called TKB, which I have no idea what it stands for, but you need to be somewhat coordinated, which I’m not. So I ended up laughing at myself a lot, which got others around me laughing. Next class was a low impact Aerobics class and I enjoyed this one. Then came Body Combat which I can tell you, if anyone gets in your way, they will get hurt.

Then it was Zumba, which I don’t like…comes back to that not coordinated part of me. And the last sample class was Yoga, which is when all my muscles started to tighten up and hurt….especially my lower back.

I was never so happy to fall into my truck and just sit there and not move. I finally got home at noon, walking like I am 100 year old and can’t move. Now sitting with ice bags, frozen peas and corn on my back and taking lots of ibuprofen to get me through the next few hours. I hurt in places that I did not know I could hurt.

This getting healthy is a pain…literally!

If you don’t hear from me again, I have expired.


I Feel Hungry!

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I feel HUNGRY, oh so Hungry…..

Well day two of the New Year and have you ever wondered why it is that the second you decide to do something to change the way you are for the better…it feels like every obstacle in the world gets thrown in front of you?

For me, it’s the ever present hunger….this phenomena, only happens when I say I’m going to start eating better and losing weight. My tummy for some reason sends messages to my head that it is hungry, even though I just ate breakfast, my tummy is not satisfied…so then the brain sends the message back to the tummy to go ahead and grumble and feel like it’s not full…well what the heck is up with that???

I know I just ate, I know I should feel full, I know I don’t need anything else for a little while, but yet the very blasted tummy keeps on grumbling.

Getting through the next few days is going to be the hardest at this point….I do not have any will power what so ever when it comes to food and the “tummy talk”.

Keep your fingers crossed for me and wish me luck.



Listen for the Scream.

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Listen For The Scream

Well I did something today that I was very excited about and with my way of thinking, figured it would help me out with losing weight.

My local Park and Recreation Center is doing a Fitness Challenge for 2013 that starts on January 1st and goes to April 30th. For every hour of working out, doing different things, you earn “miles” toward getting your name put into a drawing for a free round trip ticket to anywhere in the U.S.A.

I hope to go to Virginia next fall and I have to earn 2450 miles to get my name in the drawing, plus I am hoping that this will help keep me motivated to work out. In fact while I was there to sign up for the Challenge, I decided to also sign up for a “Fitness Core Fusion” class to help me get stronger with my back. I was thinking I’m pretty hot stuff after doing all this while I’m driving home.

It was not till I was home for about an hour that the realization of what I was doing really hit me….Oh My God, what have I done??? I will need to work out every day for “hours” (or at least that’s what it will seem like to me), to even come close to getting my name in that drawing “And I hate to exercise”, how in the world am I going to keep myself motivated to do this? As this seed is planted in my brain, I’m seized with a fear and desperation and feel I have already doomed myself before I have even gotten started.

And now the “Silent Scream” can start….


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Egad – Sweatpants!!

Well Christmas is over, I’ve been back to work for two days and as the days slip down to the New Year, I keep thinking about the work outs I will soon be starting. Which finally brought me to the realization that I had no work out clothes. So I went in search for something that was comfortable and would allow me to move…(not that I can really move, I have no flexibility at all).

I start out looking in the woman’s department at the store and was horrified by what they wanted me to wear. Oh Lord, these clothes are for women who already look good and don’t have huge butts and rolls around the middle…HA  (Literally, I would not of been able to put a leg into the pant leg).

So I head for the men department, and there, just like I knew they would be, were the old standby men sweatpants. Not only do they make them really big, but they have them in the not so girly colors of Black or Grey. I go with a “really” big pair of black sweatpants to start off with, and then also picked up one size down of gray ones as I lose weight.

I try not to wear sweatpants for the obvious reasons of they look shabby and let me forget just how big I am, so it really bothers me that I have had to buy some, but I also realize that they are a must to be comfortable while working out.

But I laugh as I visualize myself in these huge black sweatpants….with the size of my butt being an infinite “black hole in the universe” and feeling sorry for anyone having to do their work out behind me and having to see all this jiggly, wiggle body in loose stretchy material. At least with my jeans, it holds it all in place!

So I am hoping that the fact that I do not like wearing these sweatpants, that it will give me the motivation that I need to lose weight and get into some cute workout gear in the future.

Four more days and counting to the New Year.

Till next time – Peace Out.


Twas’ The Day Before Christmas…

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Well here it is, the day before Christmas and I sit here surrounded by my dogs and 6 more boarding dogs.  I have not even bothered to get dress yet today and am thinking I really should.

I am in the mood to eat….I don’t know what I want, but the mood is strong and I know at some point I will need to go to the kitchen and open that fridge door and pull out some food.   The problem I see with this is not knowing what I will choose to eat.   It would be so great to have someone that made all my meals for me and took the “Thinking process”  of trying to eat healthy out of my hands.

Days like this are the worse, I’m board and when I’m board I eat.  Now is when I need to find some reason to get out of the house for a little while.  Maybe I should get dressed and get moving.

Happy Christmas Eve to everyone and have a safe and joyous day.

Till the next time.


Day Two and Getting Healthy is going to be Harder then I thought!

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Ugh, the Saturday before Christmas!

All my shopping is done, but that does not keep me from mentally going through the list in my head, “ONE MORE TIME”, to see if I’ve forgotten someone or something.

Doing this while standing in the middle of my small kitchen and nibbling on sugar treat after sugar treat that is laid out on every inch of counter space I own.

Now just so you know, I am not the one that brought this wonderful land of sweetness into my house. All my clients did. Ahhh, my clients, God Bless Them, they love me for loving their dogs, but as I look at my kitchen and see all this sugary food, I wonder how am I suppose to lose weight like this? Even a marathon runner would gain weight having all this abundance of decadence surrounding them.

The devil on one shoulder sits there and says, “Well you were not going to start this getting healthy thing until the first of the year, so chow down girl, what is the difference at this point?”….

The Angel on the other shoulder is tapping her foot as she is standing there and is saying, “oh for Pete-sakes, this is how you got into this shape in the first place, toss it all out, or give it away!”

I’m looking at my angel with my eyebrow cocked at her and say….”Hey, these people went out of their way to do this for me, I can’t just toss these sweets, and giving them away just puts the problem on someone else”…. sigh ”there has to be a happy medium here somewhere?!”

Then is dawns on me….FREEZE IT! Yes oh glorious Yes, Freeze the goodies and only bring a little bit out when I have company over, or am hosting my book club meeting. Take items to other friends homes when I’m invited to their place. Not a lot, just a little at a time….this will work, I know it will….It keeps me from just randomly grabbing food as I walk by and eating without having to plan for it.

YES, I can do this, I know I can…..at least for today.

Till next time.


Kaboom! Nope world still here, time to loose weight.

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Hmm, woke up this morning and realized the world was still here…did I ever believe it would not be? NO! But what has been gnawing on my brain for a number of weeks now is the fact that I don’t feel good. And why do I not feel good? Well duh, I’m over weight and I’m lazy and do not exercise. I can come up with more excuses then a dog can come up with on why it needs to pee on everything in sight when going for a walk, as to why I do not eat right or work out.

So what am I going to do about it? My mind tells me “Nothing, you know you don’t really want to do anything”, but my heart tells me “Come on now, you know you will feel better and live longer to do the things you dream of doing”. So who is going to win? My mind or my heart? Only time will tell.

I just joined a new group today that I found by accident doing a search on “Bing”. 3 Fat Chicks caught my eye and looked interesting as I roamed their page like a peeping Tom, lurking on the fringe and wondering if I could really join these people on their journey to succeed? Well I took the plunge and am now trying to figure out things on their site…like how do I get on the Red or Blue team….I’m sure I’ll figure it out before the New Year.

More to come as the days roll down to Christmas and beyond.

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