Day Seven

Well, it’s coming to the end of day seven now. I’m down 2.4 pounds since day one. I didn’t stick COMPLETELY to plan, because I was at a teaching conference and had to eat what they had there, when they had it available…so I’m happy with a 2.4 pound loss. I will do better this week though. I don’t have any conferences to distract me. I’ve got my meals all planned out and my groceries all bought. I just ate my dinner….a PB&J sandwich, some grapes, and a tangelo. I couldn’t even eat the whole PB&J, I only ate half.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday night I woke up with SEVERE muscle cramps/ charlie horses in my calves. I figured since I am eating less, and avoiding dairy because of my gallbladder, that I’m probably not getting enough calcium or potassium. As of yesterday, I’m taking a daily multivitamin and a daily calcium supplement. It seems to be helping so far. I’m already feeling less achy and tired then I was. I’m planning on continuing to take them since I know I should have been taking them anyways.

I’m doing the 20 something’s Biggest Loser Challenge…I’m on the Lovely Leaves team. I’m super psyched about it. I love challenges like that because it definitely helps to motivate me! I’m also going up to Fitness Connection with my boyfriend tomorrow to see about a one week trial, and if we both like it then in September after I’ve recovered from surgery I’ll look into getting us both a membership there.

That’s really about it. I just felt that I should update. I WILL stick to my plan this week. I want to TRY and get under 240 by next sunday. I don’t know if it’s achievable, but I’m definitely going to try.


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