Revamping My Diet

Okay, so I haven’t been on track. At all…

I went to the doctor, they did a HIDA scan, and now I have to have my gallbladder out. I haven’t been paying attention to whether or not what I am eating is healthy or not because I’ve only been caring about eating what makes me NOT feel sick vs. what makes me feel awful. I’m sure my weight is up, probably right back up to my original starting weight, but I am NOT going to let that get me down.

As soon as I get paid (either Friday or Monday) I will be heading to the grocery store, and revamping my diet. I’ve decided to switch to 4 smaller meals a day, filled with a lot less junk and processed food. I will be eating a lot more fruit and veggies then I usually do, and I will be drinking only water (with the exclusion of my daily bottle of benefiber flavored water) and LOTS of it.

Here’s the plan…

7am ~ Breakfast – Yogurt Smoothie & Banana

11am ~ Half PB&J & Apple & 1 cup of Green Beans & A piece of a cheddar cheese block

3pm ~ Crock Pot Chicken & Broccoli & Grapes

7am ~ Half PB&J & Orange & Corn & more cheddar cheese


For the veggies I would probably season them with I can’t believe it’s not butter spray…

Crock Pot Chicken is chicken breasts, frozen veggies, and cream of mushroom soup cooked in the crock pot. I would be eating a chicken breast, with a small amount of the soup poured over it and a cup of the veggies that cook with it.

I will also be drinking 64 to 128 oz of water a day. My beginning goal will be 64 oz…but by the end of the first week I would like to be up to 128 oz daily.

I will be looking into getting a gym membership for myself AND my boyfriend so that I have a partner who will go with me and help to motivate me. He is also trying to live a healthier lifestyle…and this is something that I know we can do if we support each other. I won’t be actually getting the gym membership until after I recover from my surgery (scheduled August 19th), but we might do a trial week at the gym we are thinking about some time next week after I get paid and I’m eating healthier.

I feel better about things this time. I feel like I have a real, new, fresh plan. I think the reason I’ve had so much trouble getting back on plan is that I’ve felt like I have done this all already and it just wasn’t holding my interest. This 4 meals a day thing is new…and these are new goals for I think that I’m well on my way.

For every pound I lose I am going to save $7…I’ll keep it all in a jar. I am going to use this money to reward myself along my weight loss journey.

Here are the things I would like to reward myself with…

230 lbs ~ Some new workout clothes
210 lbs ~ A new pair of shoes
190 lbs ~ Whatever I want right them (spending limit $50 and must not be unhealthy)
170 lbs ~ 2 new bras
150 lbs ~ All new clothes with the rest of the money

After I get paid I will be checking back in daily to let everyone know how it’s going…and I will be weighing in once a week. I’m excited to get started! =D

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