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because I didn’t get to post for Valentine’s day February 19, 2012

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I intended to do a V-day post the day after Valentine’s, but that is the day that I miscarried, so that didn’t quite work out as planned.
So just in case I haven’t made you dry heave enough with all my lovey dovey talk of my Cubby, here is another bit of love mush for some light reading in the vomitorium.
Here is what I made Pumpkin Pants.  I am really not that talented at sewing, so it took me way longer than it should have.  He likes foxes, and I found this fox pattern on the interwebs.  I ought to have made a practice one, because I would have made changes and done tweaking to the pattern, but you know how it goes- I waited until the zero hour to get going on the project.  I found a tutorial on how to make a larger version and turn it into a lamp, so sometime in the future I intend to try that out.  Who doesn’t want a stuffed animal lamp?

Hmmm.  Chris made me two tiny terrariums that are necklaces.  Yeah.  I have living jewelry now -that my awesome possum boyfriend made for me.  They are so fricken cool, and I would totally show you, but I am feeling lazier than a dead guy, and I don’t feel like getting them and taking pictures.  Mmmmhmmm, that is some kinda lazy.
Well, we were out and doing some errands, and then he made me pull my winter hat over my eyes to take me to a surprise location.  He likes to do that, which is cute, but my face starts to get all sweaty under that hat, and I break my brain trying to figure out what part of town we are in.  *Sidenote- I am terrible at guessing where he is headed when I can’t see.  I’ll think that we are on one part of town, and then I pull the hat off and we are on another planet; to hell and gone from where I was guessing.*
I took the hat off and we were at Tenuta’s (I <3 Tenuta’s) cause he decided he was going to make me a romantic dinner, and that he was finally going to try wine for the first time.  If you google “Tenuta’s Kenosha” you will find a website I am sure.  It is a wee Italian market that has been in town since the dawn of man, and is all super cool and famous and shit.  Even that fuckin’ George Bush guy went to Tenuta’s once.
They have these tiny carts as the isles are quite narrow, and Chris was pushing one around that was so damned squeaky I could hear him across the store, and for whatever reason that was just cracking me up.  I took a picture.  Here it is in drawing version; I have been playing with this new app on my phone that I am completely crazy about.  Ah, me.
He said the drawing version made his nose look longer than it really is, and I told him he was full of shit, but he’s kinda right.  Mwa hahahaha.

Do you see the bottles in the cart?  The one on the top is the “real wine” to go with dinner.  I decided to go with a Riesling as most folks like the light fruitiness of it.  Tenuta’s has a pretty dang good wine section, but I managed to blunder on the wine anyhow.  There are three wineries in Wisconsin, and I have always wanted to try wines from them but never have.  I took gamble and picked a Riesling from one of them.  OH MY GOD!!!!  It tasted like Riesling mixed with Skol or Starka or something.  Whoa, whoa, whoa, Wisconsin, perhaps you should stick to beer.  JAYYYYYYSUS, that stuff went down like a shot.  He made the funniest face when he took his first sip.  Is it supposed to taste like this? I took a sip and started to laugh.  Dear God I said as I began swizzling it around in my glass (which, humorously enough, ended up being quite fitting because all we had to use were two jelly jars) maybe if we let the shit breathe a little.  Get some oxygen in there! We should have had hot pockets for dinner with that awful wine- it would have been like a trailer park Valentine’s Day.
We decided on a bag of frozen portobello ravioli (store brand, yum!), and we made a sun dried tomato alfredo sauce to go with it.  Both of us are still doing the vegetarian thing, but lucky for us Tenuta’s has the best selection of ravioli ever.  (Artichoke, pumpkin, spinach, mushroom, cheese, and squash to name some)  We also got breadsticks, two raspberry filled chocolate dipped cookies from the deli, and a slice of lemon berry cake that looked so damned tasty that we simply couldn’t resist.
Dinner was quite lovely apart from the bilge-water-from-the-bladder-of-Satan flavored wine that I picked out.  I will probably never live that one down.
Ok, now here are some more photos that I used my arty picture app on.  You know, just in case you all wanna see evidence of our level of cutesy.

Alright, that is probably enough.  Have I told you all how enamored with my honey that I am?  True story.  Have I told you all how enamored with my phone that I am?  The sequel.  My phone just does so many awesome things.  I have a credit card reader, I can scan products for reviews, I have this wicked SkyView app, and all these cool games.  Oh, young love.

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